mlk dahl quote i On this MLK day I thought I would letter a favorite quote by a favorite author that felt apropos. If you are having trouble reading my hand, here is the quote:

‘Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world’.

I do believe it’s from Matilda by Roald Dahl but nonetheless it is attributed to the master wordsmith himself. I don’t think my lettering is good enough yet to be lettering full quotes, but I felt inspired to give this a go. I find it hard to find a consistent hand, I can do one word but multiple words are a bit challenging for me. I know there are a plethora of beginning modern calligraphy workshops out there right now and the market may seem saturated for those putting them on, but if there are a few savvy calligraphers reading this here blog, the only logical step now is to start offering the next level of classes. I know I would be interested in that next step, forming sentences and what not, you?  Hopefully we will start to see more advanced calligraphy workshops becoming available in the near future. In the interim I will continue lettering my one word a day on Instagram, #365lettering, if you care to join me please do! The more the merrier!

13 thoughts on “CHANGE THE WORLD

  1. The quote looks incredible! Amazing work! I usually just admire your work from afar as a faithful blog reader, but I had to comment about your statement “I don’t think my lettering is good enough yet to be lettering full quotes.” You’re a professional artist with a successful blog that is largely about lettering! Of course you are qualified to write a quote. My own personal goal for this year is to stop doubting myself and not be prey to Imposter Syndrome, so that topic (having confidence in my work) is on my mind and I wanted to chime in with some support on that note! Don’t doubt yourself – your work is beautiful! I for one would love to see more of your quotes. Thanks for the lettering inspiration today and all the days you post! : )

    1. Sarah, thank you so much for your kind words, they are very much appreciated! So funny, Michelle mentioned there was something called the imposter syndrome (common amongst creatives) and now I see + hear about it all the time. I just heard not one but TWO podcasts that discussed this! Thank you for the reminder and for the visit!

  2. I completely agree Tristan. I have taken Molly Jacques online course as well as Molly Stuber Thorpes. I learned so much from both. After watching, and learning, and practicing, I got to a place where I felt stuck. I didn’t want to spend money on another beginner class, even if it was live,which would probably still be amazing. And there are not many second level classes offered. Unfortunately, I missed the one given here in Austin by Bailey with Antiquaria. Once again, all I see offered lately are beginniner classes. I feel like I am somewhere in the middle. Not quite a beginner but still so very much to learn. And I really think you gain insight into so much more when you are in front of the teacher and can ask questions. Not to mention all the other students questions that allow for even more learning. Also, I feel like workshops are always good for the tips and techniques that have to be taught visually. Sometimes the simple suggestion from a teacher can be a game changer. I became somewhat disheartened when I wasn’t able to invest in a workshop that would suit my needs so I stopped practicing for a couple months. I’m back at it but could really use some help with all the things you suggested. Of course we are always our own worst critic. I think your work is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Pamela, and I do hope that this becomes a ‘thing’. Most beginning modern calligraphy workshops are just discussing the very basics such as using the tools and I feel like I’m somewhere in limbo not quite a beginner but not at the next level yet either! I put it out there on Instagram and hopefully will be getting a list of future advanced workshops up here. Melissa Esplin says they now offer private coaching for the advanced beginners and she is coming out with something HUGE she said in the near future so hopefully it would even be an e-course for this. I am really interested in learning the next steps! I agree as well on one little tip/trick being a game changer!

  3. I love love love love this quote! <3 And don't be in doubt: your lettering IS good enough. I've to admit that I didn't even find the time to even finish my beginner class, but I can totally understand how you feel about the lack of advanced classes! Hopefully something pops up soon enough. :)

  4. I couldn’t agree more with the request for intermediate and advanced classes. I took Melissa Esplin’s “I still love calligraphy” online workshop last fall and have been practicing ever since. When I look for local, in-person classes in the Boston area, I can’t find anything but beginner workshops. I feel as though I’ve progressed passed that point, but would still like some expert guidance. I’d love an intermediate class focusing on techniques such as connecting your letters. If Melissa reads this, maybe she’ll consider a follow-up workshop?

    1. Tara, yes! Connecting letters working on larger pieces, etc. I agree! I am going to put a call to arms out on Instagram. I know Blue eyed Brown eye calligraphy does a next level class but I think she only teaches in Texas, but come on! They should be on line, they should be everywhere with how rapidly popular this is getting!

    2. Tara, she must have been reading she will be offering one soon she said! Also she said they are offering private coaching if you feel you need help pronto!

  5. Yes, yes, and more yes!!! I’m coming out of lurking on your blog to chime in that, yes, intermediate calligraphy classes would be great. I’m not sure I’m at intermediate level just yet, but I have noticed a dearth and have wondered why no one is stepping up to fill that void yet! (And I’m really enjoying your 365 word-a-day project. I tried one myself today, with different styles/nibs and learned a lot. Thanks!)

    1. Jean I LOVED your word and lettering, beautiful! AND YES! Let’s get some more advanced modern calligraphy/lettering classed out there, there’s a void indeed!

  6. Hi ~ I’ve just happened upon your blog by accident (searching for laurel wreath images !) Maybe I’m over-tired but I cannot figure out how to subscribe to your blog via email (or any other way) and I would love to be a follower. I’ve read past posts as far back as time will allow for now and it would be a wonderful addition to my reading ~ you’re so creative, talented and positive ! That’s a really good trifecta ! Thank you for sharing and please let me know how to follow ~ Happiest of Mondays, TJF

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