Foto Rx Cherry Blossom before and after i

I have approximately 80,000+ photos on my hard drive of photos like this, it would have taken me a hefty amount of time to recover it from the abyss, but you guessed it a couple second clicks with our Foto Rx actions and viola! We have a masterpiece! These were used at full strength so no fiddling required-

Magic Pill 100%-our one click ‘cure’, this is usually all you need if you were in a rush

Slight Light 100%-This is an overall exposure/brighten fix

20/20 on the spot-This allows you to ‘paint’ on a sharper focus

We are almost ready to release them in the wild, a very exciting prospect indeed! Do you have some photos you want/need to save from the abyss?  I was thinking maybe of taking some of your photos and doing a little run through, what do you think? If you are interested leave a comment and lets see if we can get this party started!


  1. Oooh, these look great! Shooting in winter light in bleak gray Amsterdam has me dying to put these actions in, uh, action. I’ve got lots of photos that need saving, how shall we begin?

    1. That seems to be the consensus the winter shots, I feel you! We are just working on our instructional pdf so you can refer to it if you have any questions, we are hoping to get these into your hands in a couple weeks (maybe sooner!)

  2. So good, Tristan! I swear my camera takes dark shots, no matter how much I fiddle with the settings. Everything looks great on the tiny screen and then so blah on my computer. I probably need to up my photo skills, but gah. I didn’t have this issue with my old camera and it drives me nuts. I’m going to be very curious to see the actions when you release them!

    1. Rachel, this may be random but have you ever adjusted your diopter? It’s where you look through if you are not looking through the screen? Also, see if your LCD screen is set too bright, but of course,Foto Rx can cure a too dark photograph in mere seconds;) We will even show you how to one click and edit multiple photos at once!

    2. Thanks, Tristan! I have never even heard of the diopter, but I am going to google it immediately!
      I finally did try adjusting my LCD screen, so that at least I’m not disappointed when I upload photos to my computer. It just drives me nuts – even when I’m shooting in manual and theoretically the exposure is perfect, I still feel like the pictures are a little dark/gray. I miss my old D40.

      1. It has to be a scree issue or the diopter because I know with the diopter it helped me with me focus, I was thinking I was getting the focus correct and then I would have blurry-ish shots and wondered if my eyeballs were going but I adjusted it and WOW! such a difference! I only know about it because I had a Lens baby and they tell you to adjust other than that I wouldn’t know, lol!

  3. Super exciting! These are exactly the kind of actions I need! My photos tend to be a little darker Than I want them to be. I probably have Some photos if you are still looking for some! :) lately I have been doing a lot of product styling/photography… And usually have to make edits in photoshop similar I the ones your actions could do. :)

  4. I have lots of meh ones. But I’m thinking some particular shots that I took in Ireland that are overexposed. And I’ll never get back to retake them.

  5. This is so intriguing to me! I feel exactly what Rachel said above! Everything looks great then I upload it and it’s either blue…or dark…or both….Can’t wait to see more about this.

    1. Dark and blue, sounds like winter light. Natural light can be so tricky even with custom white balance, here in the PNW the light seems especially blue right now, it drives me bananas! Have you ever worked with Photoshop actions before Chiara? They are a lot of fun!

    2. I have the Photoshop abilities of a 4-year old. (I’ve never taken any classes, or in photography either! It’s mostly a matter of good luck/bad luck for me!) Especially frustrating as my husband is a fantastic designer, even though he doesn’t use it much anymore, he can do things in three clicks that would seriously take me an hour to figure out. I’ve never used actions before but what you are doing sounds like EXACTLY what I need!

      1. Chiara, Michelle and I were actually discussing this last night when I was developing a new action, she thought was a little too complicated for the beginning/average user. We are really trying to provide easy, easy fixes that a beginner could use, but a pro would appreciate (fine balance!). We are also going to upload some super short tutorials on basic tips that you’ll need to know (and that are good for any Photoshop workflow) like adjusting opacity and using masks (much less scary than it sounds!) I am pretty impressed by how much you accomplished with your photography and Photoshop with your ‘4 year old’ abilities! This is going to be a cake walk for you if you have come this far! You have a great eye so this is going to open a whole new world of possibilities! What version of PS are you on?

  6. Wow! The effect looks süper! I´m a handmade designer for porcelain and wood jewelry and if this works fine with my product photos, I´m gonna be more than happy. Would love to test it on one of my pictures. Can´t wait to see more…

    Best, Katharina

    1. Katharina email me some of your images, just send a note on our contact page and I will email you back with the file size etc.!

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