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Some heavy hitters in the lettering world are teaching both on-line and in person classes this month, for those wondering where to get started I have listed some great places to visit!

For those of you that haven’t signed up yet for the Molly Jacques Skillshare class, what are you waiting for?  I have enrolled but being that it’s hard for me to do anything these days I still haven’t had a chance to watch!  I have heard good things about the class, that it’s a great place to start for beginners. Speaking of beginner’s if you are new to Skillshare you can use my instant discount and get the class for only $10! Seriously, what’s stopping you? And for those that have taken Skillshare classes in the past I have been begging them to give you all a discount since I do know a lot of you are signing up for multiple classes and it does add up, I promise to keep you posted if they will oblige me on this! If not, then I will keep my eye out on alternate resources.

Another fave Mary Kate McDevitt, you may have seen her work in your local Anthro as she has done a lot for Chronicle Books is launching her new class ‘The First Steps of Hand Lettering-Concept to sketch‘ It doesn’t launch until October 16th, but I am anxious to sign-up!

The darling + talented (and nicest person on earth) Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls will be in Australia next week a Megan Morton’s School for a week of classes, there’s all day and half day available, some are sold out but I see a couple still open.  I want to go to  Australia so badly and Megan’s School would be one of my dream, stops. Sign-up here!

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The extraordinarily prolific font designer Jess of Magpie Paperworks has launched another winner of a font!  I don’t know how she is doing it, because putting together a font is not easy, especially when they are as robust as Jess makes hers, and to continue to introduce coveted fonts at that?  The woman is obviously a genius.

Some other fonts you may like are the sweet Mina and Carolyna.

P.S. Do you have a class (any class, it doesn’t need to calligraphy/lettering centric) that you think I should know about?  I get asked about classes for specific locales all the time, especially international ones, so please let me know besottedblog [at] gmail [dot] com

P.P.S. Jessica Hische of Drop Cap fame is teaching a lettering class (that looks amazing) in November!

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  1. It’s not available JUST yet, but skillshare announced Jessica Hische is teaching a class based on her drop cap series ( ). I’m all signed up and ready for it to go live! I’m also halfway through Molly Jaques class, AND her book! Thank you for all these lettering posts, you’ve been my top resource for information from the day I decided to start along this journey. Huge inter-hugs your way! xo

  2. Thanks for the font love, T! I’m soooooo excited for Mary Kate’s upcoming Skillshare class — it’s always neat to see how other artists work. And Jessica Hische is going to be teaching a class soon too, I think it’s about making drop caps? <3 With all of these amazing new classes, I think Skillshare is going to be rivaling Pinterest for the most delightful way to spend time on the internet. ;)

    p.s. I'm eagerly awaiting the Besotted lettering Skillshare announcement, hint hint!!!

    1. I am hoping it will be a good one and yes, I am signing up for Jessica Hische’s class and I can wait for YOUR class! Congrats on the new font! I am seeing some of the others out ‘live’ in the world and I could be more proud of you!

  3. Thanks so much for these tips! I have been wanting to get into hand-lettering, and I feel these classes will really help get me started. I just signed up for the Molly Jacques Skillshare class. Thank you for the discount! I am very excited :)

    1. Brooke I hope you enjoy! I have yet to start Molly’s class but I hear it’s perfect for beginners, would love your feedback!

  4. Hi! I’ve just discovered your site and absolutely love it! I’ve just started a graphic design degree and all the lettering courses look great… I’m going to sign up for the Molly Jaques course now – is there a special code for the discount?
    Thank you for sharing so many great tips, it’s super generous.

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