I am a huge fan of hand lettering, I actually think huge is too subtle a word.  If I met one of the hand letterer’s that I admire in person I just might get woozy + faint.  My appreciation and taste is wide, I don’t discriminate between fine or casual, I think they are all equally as interesting and inspiring. Like a fingerprint they are so unique.  When I introduced you to Magpie Paperworks people emailed me like crazy and wanted more, I am happy to oblige and will be introducing you to new letterer’s each week.  If you can’t wait you can follow my ‘Handlettering Love’ Pinterest board; I generally try to get a few new pins up each day.  Today please visit the wonderful & whimsical portfolio of Chris Silas Neal. You are welcome.

9 thoughts on “CHRIS SILAS NEAL

  1. Thank you so much Miss B! Beautiful work by Chris, I am hand lettering obsessed and admire anyone who can make it look so easy….it’s not! So I will be back each week to see what you’ve got for us. Can’t wait to see who’s up next :-)

  2. My goodness! More please! I loooove fonts and hand lettering especially! I wish I could put my handwriting into a font. I need to be more computer savvy and then I’ll do it perhaps one day. You probably need Illustrator right? Hopefully it’ll be mines next year. Great Pinterest board, I’m following it to get my fill of delicious lettering. You have excellent taste!

  3. Anna, I love another obsessed person! Merissa, you SHOULD turn your lettering into a font, it is perfection, I had to ask my husband if it looked like it was from a computer. How’s this–next week I will do a post for you, how to turn your handwriting into a font? Amy, you are welcome I hope it captivates you as well:) Btw Diane, I ordered the ink, gah!

  4. i am hand lettering obsessed as well! love all the eye candy you’ve been dishing out! can’t wait for that post on how to turn your hand lettering into a font {i’ve been recently googling that like a crazy person}

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