I am mad about Alphastructaesthetitologist + Illustrator Jon Contino. I was having tea with a new friend the other day (yes, I made ONE friend here, I hope!), we were discussing our love of hand lettering artists and Jon Contino came up, my eyes sparkled and I swooned, I knew that I must showcase his fine work on today’s Lettering Love post.  Many of you may already be more than aware of Mr. Contino, for those that don’t I am hoping this is quite the visual treat. I love all his work, but it’s his work on the Original Makers Club that I am currently coo coo for. These pieces make me want to hitch a ride to Lexington, Kentucky and join this club that I know nothing about, his work is that good. I am sure he is going to be around for a long time and I am eager to see what other magic he has up his sleeve as I know it will be equally as coveted by moi.


  1. Oh Miss B, you’ve featured one of my favorite artists! I’ve only recently found your blog, and I adore it. Jon is super-generous with his time/advice, so take a read through his blog – all kinds of helpful info.

  2. oh you TOTALLY made a friend here :) I love that you picked some of his softer work. I tend to think of most of it as masculine and rustic and this shows great range. he’s a goodin’. Looking forward to another lunch lunch/tea/chat session soon!


  3. Thank you Monica for the link! I will definitely be checking it out!

    Yea, Elizabeth I am so happy I have a new friend!

    Merissa, I LOVE the horse too and it’s really perfect for Kentucky!

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