I get about 12,000 emails a day asking if we do custom logo stamps in the shop and the answer is YES, SIREE!  It’s in my FAQ but I understand you are too busy running a small booming business to read my FAQ, so I decided to make it easy and just let you know that I do indeed.  I love making them, but they are a little trickier than the ones I have in the shop as I have to evaluate the logo / artwork to make sure that it will translate well to a stamp.  Unfortunately, not all logos are created equal, super thin lines or script tend to get muddled, but lucky for you I am a great evaluator and can usually assist in discussing what needs to be done to create the perfect stamp.  This here custom stamp was created for Jamie Simon the very talented woman behind Intertwyned Photography (she supplied these amazing shots).  We both loved how it came out, which is always a bonus when you are doing something custom. If you are a small business this can take your branding + promotion up a notch as suddenly you can make your own stationery (thank you notes for customers), create your own gift tags, add to the outside of your packages and the list goes on and on.  If you are interested in getting one made for your business please drop on by!


  1. Glorious as always! I’m about ready to get a custom logo stamp for my Photog’s Helper company since I’m sending out more and more cards….

    I’m going to need a closet for all my stamps soon!

  2. Susan I would LOVE to get my hands on your logo;) Kathy, you are always too kind, btw, your new icon photograph is awesome (if I haven’t mentioned that already)

  3. “evaluate the logo / artwork to make sure that it will translate well to a stamp”– this line is very true because when one designs custom logo stamp, he or she needs to keep in mind that the logo needs to be legible.

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