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I love to read and I am hoping to instill that love within my daughter.  I have been reading to Elle since she came home from the hospital and truth-be -told in hindsight I wished I read more children’s books in the early infancy period (0-4 months) that I would enjoy (like the end of the Harry Potter series), because she really didn’t care about images (in fact I think I may have been overstimulating her, not a god thing before bedtime) and she really just enjoyed being close and the the sound of my voice. Now that she’s more interested in the picture books I have started a collection of favorites. I know there are classic baby books that seem to be universally enjoyed like Good Night Moon, which my husband LOVES and I have learned to love because I think it’s hilarious how much my husband loves it, but the story isn’t the greatest and the proliferation of orange and green? My eyes are bleeding just thinking about it.*

The Quiet Book on the other hand, now this is a visually gorgeous book and the story (well as much of a story as a baby book has),  I give it a thumbs up!  Written by Deborah Underwood with exquisite (no exaggeration) illustrations by Renata Liwska . It goes through all the different (and charming) types of quiet there are, like ‘making a wish quiet’.


There’s a lot  more to like about this book, it’s a board book which I have started only investing in to get me through the ‘grab and put in mouth now ‘ phase, it also has a soft padded cover, just little sweet touches that make this book even more endearing (and practical) for this new mommy. How does Elle like it?  She is mesmerized, but who wouldn’t be? It’s a keeper.

*Please note I am well aware that baby’s like & need some good contrast.



  1. Such a sweet looking book. My sister is a soon to be mother of two and with my nephew being a little over two and my niece still a little bun in the oven I’ve become obsessed with baby and children everything… but especially children’s books. When I was a little girl one of my aunts would always send me books in the mail, little golden books, and I recently went to a used bookstore and found “The Poky Little Puppy”. I was SO EXCITED to buy it and share it with my nephew. I’ll have to look out for this one! xxi

  2. I love the Golden Books, I’m afraid she will try to eat any paper books so I’ve been keeping them to a minimum! I love that you are passing on the auntie book gifting tradition, so thoughtful and I bet they learn to love the Golden Books too, the Poky Little Puppy was a fave of mine as a kid:)

  3. Be sure to keep Elle’s favorite board book (which will be obvious from the chewed edges). Even though I have a hardback copy of “Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball,” the board version with its greatly gnawed edges warms my heart every time I run across it in Hudson’s mementos.

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