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I know this won’t appeal to everyone but I sure hope it appeals to those of you that have a love for type, or want to know more about why a certain graphic piece looks so darn good, sometimes it comes down to a bit of kerning (adding some space/breathing room between your letters).  Even if you aren’t a graphic designer, playing with your kerning could take your project from ‘meh’ to ‘yeah’ in seconds!  Speaking of kerning, I found this Kerning game last night and had some fun with it and thought maybe you would too it’s called Kerntype, I felt like I won the Lotto the first time I got a 100, have at it my friends!

P.S. There’s also a letter shaping game, bezier curves, oh my!

12 thoughts on “THE KERNING GAME

  1. Lori, Danielle and Hanna, I am SO serious I could have spent all day (if I had any time) doing this too, hah! The other games are fun too they have the letter shaper and color one.

  2. There’s a Taqueria in town that I’ve heard nothing but good things about, but I can’t seem to bring myself to try it out because the kerning on their front sign is SO BAD! I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or a restaurant by their sign) but I just can’t do it! Yet. I’ll try those tacos someday, poor kerning be damned!!

    1. Oh, Natalie, I feel you! I am constantly wanting to re-do logo’s/branding for businesses or let them know how to tweak it. I keep my mouth zipped but it drives my husband CRAZY!

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