Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes

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Unless you have been living under a blog rock (possible these days) you may have heard of English makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. Beauty bloggers and celebrities alike bow at the alter of Madame Tilbury and her beauty empire. I can only imagine that these products must be amazing because everyone knows that a free endorsement comes about like never in these times. I haven’t had a chance (or the budget to try…) but I definitely want to and this mascara will be my first Charlotte Tilbury splurge, it was the retro fashion-y illustration that originally caught my eye, but after doing a little sleuthing it seems that this is supposed to be the ‘it’ mascara.  All my favorite You Tube beauty gurus have been gushing over it and the before and afters are quite impressive!  Admittedly some of the afters look a little clumpy but that’s after applying multiple coats and not using an eyelash comb, which I totally would use, because I do not do clumpy lashes. I am so curious to know if any of you have tried the mascara or any of  Ms. Tilbury’s products?  I consider myself pretty savvy in the beauty BS detection department but I am totally drinking the Kool-aid and now feel an incredible need to get my mitts on some of her products.

Okay, back to work, we have a shoot to prep for, another awesome photo editing set to complete (almost done!),  a whole new company to launch and I’m sure I am leaving about 21+ other thinkgs out, sheesh, we have our plates full, wish us luck!


Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Mascara

If I had unlimited funds…I’d try her Magic Cream, and her Hot lips nude lipstick (cringe, the name is cheesy I know, but the color is pretty!)


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