Fall uniform

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And just like that it is fall…And I have nothing to wear and I have no idea where to start to find what I would like, you?  I am writing this post in hopes to see if maybe you might have any suggestions?  I am at a lost, I feel like no one has just beautiful, simple basics that don’t cost a fortune.  I have included a couple resources, one is from one of my fave blogs for capsule wardrobes, she always seems to find a great mix of high and low. I also have a pin board ‘Closet Case’ for some great inspo on simple outfits that will last you into the next couple decades looking chic.  Other than that?  Kind of at a lost, but open to suggestions!


Great capsule wardrobe resource

My style


Emerson Fry (you need to pre-order)


Sweater steal (I bought a large, normally a s/m)

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