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I was trying to pack some parcels for the shop and in the midst of doing so something rolled across my screen that made me stop in my tracks and put down the packing tape!  A new font my friends, designed by the ever talented Alissa Mazzenga of Feast Fine Art & Calligraphy. I had featured Alissa a while back, I am a big fan and I have to stop myself from hitting the like button on all her images when she posts on Instagram (it’s embarrassing to be that effusive and maybe a little scary for Alissa, lol). She teamed up with the great Molly Jacques Erikson founder of Great Lakes Lettering to bring you her signature hand.  I am so beside myself with glee, I just adore her style, I do!  All the loops are in all the right places, girly but NEVER cutsey, sophisticated. Yes, if you could see me right now I would be jumping and clicking my heels together with happiness! I hope you enjoy my find my friends, she’s at #39 right now in my favorite font shop but I am hoping she shoots to #1 shortly, they both deserve it!

P.S. Find those confetti brushes on our download page.  Yes, I write our, besotted blog is turning from a me thing to a we thing, super excited!!!


  1. Goodness that is one lovely typeface!

  2. The upper loop on the k! That’s one I always struggle with. What a fun typeface!

    • Tristan B. says:

      Hello Kelsey! I find that hard to believe, you my dear would be someone I would love to see a future font from:)

  3. Thank u for sharing !!! It is so lovely :) amazing :) wish u get us some coupon :)

    • Tristan B. says:

      I wish I could too! But Molly always has great pricing on her fonts, I would have paid a lot more for this!

  4. Hi!
    Please help – I would love to sing up for updates but for the life of me – I can’t find a newsletter, or anything else that I can subscribe to to get any of your site updates… I must’ve gone blind:-)

  5. Oh my, it really is super lovely!
    I hope you had/are having the most magical of mother’s days…the first one so extra special! x

  6. What a lovely typeface! I hope you are doing wonderful and enjoying your little babe!

  7. ooh! excited to hear about this transition from “my” to “our”. and happy 6-month birthday to your angel :)

  8. TRISTAN! I just saw this for the first time! Oh my!
    You are so kind. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words. I am so honored.
    Hope work is going so well for you. You are so gifted!

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