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I get asked about the sans serif fonts I use so many times a day, if I were smart I would have A) written a post on it earlier or B) had a canned email prepped.  Since I obviously am not, I had neither ready.  I decided today I would rectify that situation pronto, being that my time is limited now and the few precious moments I do have to myself  I want to be using them for sleeping.  I thought that I would start with introducing you to Sweet Sans, I love it’s versatility and it’s amazingly legible even when I go super tiny.  Most sans serifs feel very masculine to me, but there’s a little roundness to this one that keeps it from being to sterile, I use it often and get lots of compliments on it. Century Gothic is a also something I like, I probably shouldn’t admit that in public, a lot of designers aren’t too keen on it, but I am mentioning it here because it does come standard on a lot of computers and it may be a nice sans serif that you may have overlooked previously,

And of course, you’ll probably want to know what that delicious cursive font is, it’s a beauty (add a whistle here), I so agree with you, it’s thin but curvy and is definitely a looker, it’s one of my faves by Sudtipos, it’s called Business Penmanship, if you don’t have it already they are currently running a sale, get it you won’t be sorry you did!

10 thoughts on “A pretty sans serif

    1. Century Gothic is a nice one that comes on most computers and seems to be a good web font choice as well. I know there are haters of CG but I with you it’s great little font!

  1. Ahhhh what a lovely font… and it’s only a 200+ dollar font. YAY! *sigh* ;(
    Where do people get the kind of money to buy these fonts? lol

    1. Lol, your email address cracked me up, especially paired with this comment. No where does it read its free, but get the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription it’s LOADED with free fonts now, good luck!

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