Besotted with…Friday Faves!


So much to write about this week, but so little time. Now that we have even a modicum of sunshine it feels a shame to sit in front of the computer, right?  But because we adore you and need to let some of this information overload out we are here to share (feel free to do the same!) If you have any suggestions please do drop us a line!

I. We think you’ll find photographer Jonathan Higbee’s ‘World of Coincidences‘ worthy of a click through.

II. It seems a lot of book publishers are adding little cinematic goodies to entice readers, we think this one for Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance is just perfect.

III. The bird based system that eventually became Pantone-Fascinating!

IV. I decided that I was going to jump on the #100dayproject bandwagon (yes, a few days behind) , because I obviously don’t have enough on my plate, right?  I am going to attempt a 100 days of florals both drawing (maybe painting?) and photographs. I’m just going to explore, why not? If you want to join in, you can read about it here!  Famous designer would teach a 100 day workshop at Yale, his most successful student was Ely Kim who did Boombox (you’re welcome).

V. 9 year old captions New Yorker cartoon and is killing it with her wit.

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