I have been having a grand ‘ol time putting together these Pinterest curator posts. My fave part is finding themes within each board, it’s a visual treasure hunt, very challenging and satisfying to me. Graphic designer, Kelsey Cronkhite of Pinegate Road has pretty eclectic tastes and is decidedly modern but you can find a woodland nature bent throughout her pins that I adore. Kelsey’s pins feel very fresh and unique, not the same old pins floating through the ‘Pin-o-sphere’. Miss Kelsey is also very good about pinning original sources and I feel that deserves a big virtual thumbs up. If you want to follow someone that is pinning new, original, interesting and modern inspiration with a bit of nature thrown in then I think you should give Kelsey a looksy.

I do have a little Pin tip this week. I know I mentioned before to try to get original sources and I do have a lot of early Pins and mobile pins that do not (very bad behavior). When I have gone back and tried in vain to find a source and haven’t been able to, I have been adding a note to please let me know who the photo is by so I can give proper credit. In a perfect world I would not Pin it at all, but I truly would like to know more about a photographer; if I see great work and it feels like my only option is to ask for information from the interwebs than I will. Lately, I have noticed a lot of my photographs being pinned which is completely flattering and I am so grateful. A lot of my photographs have been pinned via Tumblr blogs and there NEVER seems to be any credit given to original sources there. What I have been doing and I suggest is a sweet/kind way if you see your images pinned without credit (or even with credit) is I leave a comment and thank the person for pinning my image.  I know not everyone cares about attribution and they are going with the flow and pinning on impulse waiting in line at the DMV etc. so this is my little solution for now to get my attribution out there. I can’t be angry about not having attribution, I think that’s silly, especially when I put images on-line.  I take the risk of my images being used in nefarious ways or not being credited for them, that’s a risk I am willing to take and thus my sweet + simple solution above.  Now go off and Pin to your hearts desire and try to give credit or find the original source, it may not happen overnight but just future Pins try to keep this little bit of advice in mind.

//Former Pinterest Curators//

Ginny Branch Stelling
Suzonne Stirling
Michelle P.


  1. I was astonished and so excited to wake up to this post today! Thank you thank you for the kind words and this amazing write up! I’m honored that you chose me as one of your pinterest curators :) It’s funny that you nailed down my aesthetic to a tee, and I’ve been trying to figure it out for years! I guess when you’re immersed in it, it’s hard to figure out exactly what you’re drawn to. After reading this, I looked around my house, and it was spot on. All the modern furniture, with woodland inspired rugs and trinkets for the décor. Thanks again for the feature, I’m seriously beyond thrilled!

  2. Kelsey, thank you for the note. I think you have great style and I especially liked your Art board as well! I hope more people get to see your curation talent + get introduced to your lovely blog:)



  3. So lovely–thanks for the introduction . . .

    And I feel your pain in regard to attributing images. When I first started Pinterest, I assumed the originally link would always be included–even if people repinned. Then I tried to go back, but to no avail. Sigh.

  4. What an inspiring curator post!

    With the source issue on Pinterest and Tumblr, I usually end up google image searching…it’s time consuming but I’ve had a lot of success in finding original sources.

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