Korres cheek butter review i besotted blogNow that I am feeling a bit better and I’m going out in public more, I figured it was high time to re-evaluate my summer make-up regime. I will give you the skinny on the ‘full face’ soon, but the Korres cheek butter is such an outstanding product that I felt it needed its own tribute–stat.  I love the Tarte cheek stains, hands down the most beautiful and long lasting cream/stain type blushes out there and I own one in almost every color, my only problem is they do not pair well with my mineral makeup or BB creams, they look great with tinted moisturizer and my new fave foundation (which I haven’t been wearing since summer is more low maintenance).  I was reading about Josie Maran’s new coconut watercolor cheek gelee and that they worked well with everything so I went to pick one up, but they were sold out of nearly every color and the colors available were not going to work. I went over to the Korres display which is another natural cosmetic line I love (I wore their wild rose mineral foundation when I eloped) and I found their new cheek butters. Honestly, all the colors are sheer (but long lasting) and would be flattering on most skin complexions, but I really liked the nude-y pink of the Philia Rose. It gives a pretty flush to the cheeks that I am always after and stays put. It doesn’t cause any sort of clumping or smearing when I put it over my mineral make-up (which I will share my new secret soon).  I am very happy with it! I am glad I chose Philia rose as I found that it is also the perfect nude color for lips and when I put it on my lips it lasts forever! That never happens, unless I wear a long lasting formula but those usually cause drying and are near impossible to remove. I need/want effortless beauty, anything too taxing and I am out. On a side note, I apply with this brush and use this lip liner (blended very well). You don’t need to use a brush, if that seems like an extra step that you don’t have time for, skip it and use your fingertips, I just like to make sure I don’t look like I am wearing make-up so it’s important to me to use brushes to get that really finished, barely there look.

If you have any beauty secrets + tips that you care to share send me an email! I am always looking for new lines to test out (especially natural ones) and of course there is my ongoing mascara obsession…

P.S. This is an excellent video tutorial on using lip liner to create a fuller (but natural) lip. It’s great for those that have been committing the beauty sin of creating a noticeable lip line on their lips–gasp!

P.P.S. I hope I didn’t inundate you with links, but I know I would have an inbox full of link requests if I didn’t so better safe than sorry!

photo by: tristan b.

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.


  1. Thanks for tip on the Korres blush! I also use mineral make-up so I am definitely going to try this. As for your hunt for the perfect mascara, I recently discovered Trish McEvoy’s “HighVolume” mascara. I think I’ve tried everything out there and this is my keeper for life. It’s amazing & I would never want to be without it.

  2. So pleased to hear that you are “feeling a bit better”, Tristan. I hope that you are able to go outside and soak in some PNW vitamin D on this pretty Sunday!
    As always, thank you for the tips on foundation and color!

  3. Thank you Lynne! I am going to be going for our long walk now with the naughty Frenchie, she’s not much of a walker though, more of a napper, lol. You are welcome for the recommendation, I am pretty excited about this find and a little will go a long way, it may not last as long as Tarte as far as use, I feel like I have never even made a dent in my Tarte stains but it’s a really pretty natural color!

  4. Julie, thanks so much for the tip, it seems Trish McEvoy is making a comeback as someone just wrote me a glowing review on their BB Cream saying it was the best they had ever tried (she has oily skin, I have dry). I will try the mascara. I just bought ‘They’re Real” by Benefit, it is an amazing mascara for most and I have seen the results and they are stunning but alas it actually gave me raccoon eyes, the girl at Sephora said she has never seen that happen before, so I am the unlucky one that it doesn’t work on, boo! So glad to hear of another great find!

  5. I have only tried a few Korres products but I really like them. I haven’t tried this cheek butter yet though, and I am mildly obsessed with blush so might have to give this one a shot.

    I really like the Korres lip butters actually – have you tried them? Guava has no color and smells yummy and is really moisturizing and for a bit more color I really like the mango which is a sheer peach color. The mango can be a bit bright on me but I just gently pat it on my lips so it’s not quite so bright and just gives me a bit of color. Also, I’ve used the mango a bit on my cheeks a touch too, almost like a bit of a cream blush or cheek butter. :) I do recommend those, if you haven’t tried them!

  6. Hi Sara, this product is brand new so maybe that’s why you haven’t tried yet, but I am in love:) I am one of those weird ones that doesn’t like to use pot lip products, but the colors look amazing and I have tried (and lost) my pot, but for convenience I like tubes and if they ever make a tube I am sold!

  7. Thank you Lo! What a kind compliment coming from someone with such good taste! I would LOVE to one day be able to photograph real people with my suggestions and have been talking to a few make-up artist friends, it would be nice to be able to show samples and I am a sucker for a good before & after!

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