Hazel Wonderland Besotted BlogWhen I first started this series I had no idea that it would have such a phenomenal response + reach.  I love to know that there are other lettering enthusiasts out there and that you are as excited about this subject as much as I am. When I get an email or comment that these posts have motivated you to try your hand at this medium.  Now that cursive is no longer taught in school I feel more than ever that we need to rally and not let hand lettering go the way of the Dodo.  Another amazing  is that I have been able to contact lettering artists that I admire without them shooing me away (wipes sweat from brow). I am thrilled to be able to offer you an interview today with Ithaca, New York based Meredith C. Bullock of Hazel Wonderland.  You may have seen her work before, I know I have pinned it more times than I can count. Her hand has a wonderful, loose, romantic and un-contrived flow to it.  I am a fan and I hope you will become one too!


I love the name of your business, ‘Hazel Wonderland’ what is the story behind it?

Thank you! The name Hazel Wonderland came to me in a moment of love, endlessness, beauty, inspiration and grace. A moment I experienced when I fell in love with my husband and looked into his speckled hazel eyes and felt everything.

How did you get started in lettering?

When I was a teen instead of doodling, I wrote my name or my crushes name over and over again till I liked the way it looked. My mom caught on and gave me a calligraphy set. I was hired at the age of 16 to write escort cards for a graduation party. Years later, I picked up the pen again for my wedding invitations and I haven’t put it down since.

What are some of your favorite lettering supplies?

The blue pumpkin is my favorite nib, Higgins and sumi are my favorite inks. Smooth illustration paper is my favorite paper. And pens, it’s all in the wrist.

Name one random talent you have that people may not know?

I’m an award winning hairstylist.

Any recommendations of books or classes for lettering enthusiasts to further their studies?

Wow, I would say reading your blog is the best education I know of! I am completely self-taught sans books. Just a whole lot of practice.

Any advice on what ‘not’ to do in your lettering practice? 

Great question!  I’ve learned the hard way too. Lets see, I’ve got a few:

1. Never leave your nib in water or any sort of fluid for longer than 12-24 hours. It will eat away at the coating that allows the ink to flow smoothly. An old cloth/rag and spit is all you need.

2. Don’t skimp on paper and ink, these two things foster beautiful, clean, crisp and professional results.

3. When creating a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, always do a sketch first without pressing too hard with the pencil, refrain from erasing the sketch till your absolutely certain the ink is dry, make sure the ink is waterproof and the paper is archival, try to use a fresh new nib and lastly always practice on a scrap piece of paper before you you dive in. I find I’m always a bit rusty my first 2-5 words.

A huge thank you to Meredith!  I hope you liked this interview and if you have any burning lettering questions please email me and I will be sure to pose them to future interviewee’s.

P.S. Meredith has a great blog as well, you can visit here.

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups.


  1. Tristan, Thank you so much for your lovely words and for having me as one of your featured hand-letterers. Your blog, website and overall contribution to the hand-lettering world is wonderful! Warmly ~ Meredith

    1. Melissa, that is very exciting! Meredith’s advice is spot on, I had SO many problems with using the wrong paper to nib and had scratchy, crummy results. Smooth (but not too smooth) paper in the beginning is great. I also have free guidelines you can download and will put more up in different sizes soon. Have fun!

  2. Thank you for sharing this interview! I’ve always been enamored with lettering, and I just recently picked up a pen and tried to start myself. It’s so encouraging to hear that Meredith grew her own skills through practice. Lettering certainly is a beautiful art form!

  3. I love your posts about calligraphy. I’ve just started learning calligraphy by myself. It’s so inspiring! I love your blog, everything is beautiful.

  4. You haven’t posted in over a week. I have been reading your blog for a couple of months and you are fairly consistent in posting. I am hoping you are ok???

  5. hi, I’m trying to reach Hazelwonderland to contract her services for wedding invites, but her website has no contact info – only a popup that doesn’t work. Do you know how I can reach her? I tried via her etsy shop, but have had no luck.

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