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Madison Reed Hair Color Review via Besotted Blog

A few months after my daughter was born I noticed something rather disconcerting–a few rogue white hairs. I did what any person in my position would do, I removed them without hesitation and forgot about them. My husband though admonished me for doing that and said they would multiply; I may have grumbled something under my breath and waved his warning away. A few months later it seemed my husband was right, it could have been mere coincidence but I had seemed to acquire more white hairs than was possible to pluck without leaving evidence of their removal, this is the part where mortality sits in and you realize that you are aging rapidly and can not put the brakes on–or can you? I did not have time to go to a salon, I barely have time to do anything like eat, shower and work, let alone the luxury of sitting in a salon for a few hours to get my hair colored. The thought of doing a drugstore dye seemed very messy and extraordinarily complicated to my feeble mind. Then just as though my computer was reading my mind an ad popped up for a company called Madison Reed. The ad read something along the lines that it was not stinky or messy (at least that’s what I got from it). I clicked over, took their quick quiz and had my order in within minutes (I used Bolzano brown if you were curious, they give you a few suggestions to choose from). Yes, it is a fair more expensive than buying from the drugstore, but this company model was really thoroughly thought out. In the kit they send you there’s two sets of gloves and they actually fit nicely (not the trash bag type that come with your typical at home dye kit), one for while you color and then a fresh pair to put on so you can wash the dye out. There’s a barrier cream to apply to your ears and forehead so you don’t tint your skin and a cap to wear while you are waiting for the color to take hold. Did I mention there’s absolutely no chemical smell at all? I of course being such a newbie to this process after watching their videos had a freak out and contacted their hotline of on call ‘colorists’, they walked me through and talked me down from the ledge. I used both their very generously sized shampoo and conditioner set that comes with the pack (which I loved and will be ordering in full size, thank you very much). The results were outstanding, you would never realize that I was covering up anything and my hair is shiny and feels better than it did prior to the coloring. I am one very happy customer. I do plan to get a few of the extras that you can order–the cape, the mixing bowl and brush, since I do plan on doing this on a regular-ish basis and why not make my life easier? I would highly recommend!

This is going to launch of our week of beauty here, we hope you enjoy!

Have any of you tried Madison Reed before? Do you have another at home secret I should know about?

P.S. No, I have nothing to do with this company other than I really, really like their product and had a great experience.

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