I don’t usually get the pleasure of seeing where the stamps I make end up.  I assume they all go to good homes and are kept clean, happy and are honored to be of service to their new owners.  So, when I do get an email that proudly displays their new addition in its new habitat I am immensely proud like any Mama would be. Juley is the owner/brainchild behind the newly launched MCRN Bar, “an online, subscriptions-only baking company that delivers monthly Southern-inspired French macarons”. Is that genius or what?  I think it’s a sweet idea indeed.  I love the packaging and I am sure the macarons are every bit as delicious as they look, perfect timing to launch in time for holiday! Macrons seem to be the Blogista’s dessert of choice so I am sure we will be seeing MCRN Bar all over the blogosphere soon; I will be delighted to know that Juley’s new stamp will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure that her packages look that much prettier. Congrats + Big Thanks to Juley!

Okay, so what have I got baked up for you today?  I think you should have your own custom stamp with your own artwork on it, don’t you?  Yes, I do believe that would be a grand idea!  To enter to win let me know if you won this prize what you would want your stamp to look like, what would you be putting on it? And why?  Would it be a logo? A Bookplate? Return address? Your childs artwork?  Your artwork? A fave quote?  Leave a comment below or re-pin, tweet, FB Like (or whatever it is FB’ers do).  I am going to make you work hard for this one as I need to get you in ‘shape’ for the next giveaway (a big one).  This prize is (as always) open worldwide, good luck!  I will announce the winner next Monday, December 17, 2012.

P.S. And the Winners are… Last week’s winner is: Lois (she sent me a photo of what she wanted to do, now that’s motivation). And because I can never make up my mind I am going to give prizes of the flags to Michaela, MellieMel, and so you don’t think I am just picking people with ‘M’ names, Susan Hwang. Thank you all for playing!

10 thoughts on “MCRN BAR + CUSTOM STAMP

  1. Your stamps are beautiful and the packaging with the stamp for MCRN Bar looks wonderful!

    If I won, I’d have a logo stamp created for my business and blog – Knick of Time – it would have an antique clock graphic on it!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.


  2. I’ve not long ago found this beautiful space and your gorgeous wares!

    I, too, would have a little logo stamp made up…I hope to make my little paperie a reality within the next little while.

    What a truly generous opportunity…thank you.

    Ingrid x

  3. OooOOooOo! What a beautiful stamp!!
    If I won my own it would be a stamp to use on a small square business card with a version of my logo for Parcel Mint on etsy! I would be so grateful and promise to repay you in photos of the stamp all over the place, such as at craft fairs, packaging, my dad’s wallet, etc.
    Fingers crossed!!

  4. i know it’s a long shot, but i would make a return address stamp. i’ve always hand-drawn the same return address “logo” for my envelopes, which i “designed” myself haha! so i would definitely have that one made if i win! :)

  5. As always I’m so inspired by your blogs! I would choose a stamp with a business logo which I have to decide upon. It would have my business name, Studio Arts and have either a paintbrush, a French easle, or an artist palette. I’m so excited about the possibility!

    Thank you!

  6. Wow I love the stamp design for MCRN Bar!

    If I won, I would get a stamp with my initials and an image of my and my boyfriend’s Schnauzer puppy Stella. Since I’m moving halfway around the world for school, the stamp would be a wonderful way to sign my letters to him.

    Thank you!

  7. We here at CabinPress Studio are having a toss up on what to choose… since we produce Letterpress goodies it would be fun to have our logo … but, since I am the official greeter and Studio Assistant I might just want my paw print + name. You Can Call Me Moose. Tail wags. ~moose

  8. I am a volunteer with Havanese Rescue, a dog breed rescue organization and we run a tiny shop whose profits all go toward saving pups. A custom stamp to use on our packages that we mail to customers would be the most wonderful touch. We try to save every penny of administrative costs, so having a lovely custom stamp donated to our cause would be incredible.

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