Are you dying?  Have I completely killed you with the cuteness that is this stamp set?  This is the ‘signature’ of a very sweet little girl named Coco. This dear girl believes she is a kitty and is completely and utterly obsessed with them, so much so that she adds ears & whiskers to one of her ‘o’s’.   My friend T. requested it and had Coco’s mother scan her signature hi-res for me.  I knew as soon as I saw it that it would translate well, it’s such a special gift, what little girl wouldn’t want this?  I have to find a pink stamp pad as I don’t have one in the shop, but once I do this will be sent off to little Coco to enjoy. 
Almost, Thanksgiving here in the states.  I am working on my gratitude list for tomorrow, do you ever do that?  It’s a nice little tradition, I highly suggest it.


  1. So cute!! xx

  2. I adore this! It is very lovely and a perfect little gift!

  3. Very cute indeed! :)

  4. Thank you ladies:)

  5. Oh this is adorable! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Ohhhhh! That is beautiful and SO adorable! I love it!!

  7. Thank you Kate + Kathy! And a happy Thanksgiving to you both!

  8. cutest thing ever!! I just stumbled upon your blog/web site + love your work.

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