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I thought with the impending change of season that we could discuss this week–new routines, refreshes and of course one of my very fave subjects paring down. First up is my new make-up routine, I don’t see it changing for fall and I have been very happy with it so I thought I would share. My former routine (pre-baby) consisted of many, many steps (sometimes even false lashes were involved), definitely a hot hair implement of some sort (for curling or straightening) and now it’s down to this and a shower.

Foundation-I found that putting on a powdered mineral make-up foundation so much easier to do than attempting a liquid foundation while there is a toddler underfoot. Using the brush I can sweep it over my face easily,  put the brush down mid-application if I need to stop and chase a toddler, something you don’t want to do if you have liquid foundation on your hands (especially if you have a white sofa).

Blush-As I have gotten older, I have realized two very important things about myself, no matter how much I would love to wear a pretty cool pinky blush (think fair skin Snow White), it’s just not right for my skin tone. The other beauty epiphany, is that I just look frumpy in cardigans, I can’t wear them, they no longer exist to me. The Tarte cheek stain in Tipsy has a peachy tone, which is much better suited for my visage (they have many colors to choose from to get your perfect match). This is insta-pretty, I LOVE this stuff. It’s pretty hard to apply this wrong, I use a brush (made for creme blushes) but my good friend dabs it on her cheeks straight from the tube.

Mascara-Mascara has been a luxury of time item, I can’t wear it unless I know that someone is watching our toddler. Trying to apply mascara with an individual that doesn’t find anything wrong with running right into you while doing so, even though I have explained many times, ‘Mommy likes being able to see out of both eyes’, well, mascara is just not a priority anymore. I keep my brows in really good shape (a miracle) but I have stopped defining them with product, because see the whole mascara debacle above.

Sunglasses-I don’t think I would be able to pull off this minimal beauty routine with confidence if I didn’t have a great pair of sunglasses, I don’t own a lot of things and I am pretty frugal on most, but a classic, quality pair of sunglasses will take you far in life (or the grocery store).

Lip Balm-The Rodin lip balm was a gift, but I love it and feel it really ties the look together, it is not sticky, not too shiny and just feels very luxe to me.

Hair-My hair is either tied back in a low pony tail, top knot or I’ll wear a military type cap.

My beauty routine is 3 minutes (if that) and I don’t feel like I did months back when having enough energy to shower was about all I could muster!

What about you? Any paring down? Any beauty secrets you’d like to share?

mineral foundation / foundation brush / blush / sunglasses (similar) / lip balm

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