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I am not big on resolutions, but I am big on goals and I have some lofty ones this year. One of the least lofty, but still in the challenging category is that I decided that I am going to wear more makeup this year, more than I have ever worn in my life, I am going to go all out. Why? Well, ahem, firstly I look like crap right now, seriously, having a toddler when you are a bit on the older side for having a toddler is well, taxing. I used to be young for my age, I looked young, I felt young and it fooled me and mother nature. I am feeling my age and then some. I have become one of those moms that walks around with mismatched socks, a scrunchie and dark circles around my eyes. I avoid mirrors and photos and generally have not been happy about the state of affairs of my presence. Yes, attitude and mind over matter go a long way, but I have to throw up the white flag here, I no longer am someone that can go around without makeup, I need some help. I need to go past natural and on to Sophia Loren. I am not giving up that easily, for three years I looked a bit like a schlump, I have never been schlumpy, but I started to personify it. Not anymore, this is the year I am going to perfect my wing tipped eyeliner, this is the year I brush my hair on a regular basis (and throw out the scrunchie), this is the year that I will be wearing false lashes to preschool, come hell or high water, I am doing it. I am going to over line the heck out of my lips, I am going to Kylie Jenner this shizzle, I am going to take what God gave me and I am going to work it. OK, so I haven’t figured the logistics of this yet, because I can barely brush my teethe with a toddler around, but other people have figured this out, I surely can. I may just be applying indelible makeup before the sunrises, who knows?

Let me introduce you to Alyona Y., a musician whom also happens to be my new YouTube makeup idol. This lovely girl has transformed herself into many a famous face, eerily so, with step-by-step videos you are sure to garner some new skills. I loved all her transformations but I am seriously going to try the Sophia Loren eye, I am going to make myself a Penelope Cruz pout and of course I am all over the Bardot smoky eye. Be forewarned her videos are addicting, next time you spot a woman in a turban with almond cat eyes, a regal nose, full lips and skin the color of caramel, it just may be me. Maybe.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


Aly Art Sophia Loren Makeup tutorial

Aly Art Penelope Cruz Makeup tutorial

Aly Art Bridgette Bardot Makeup tutorial

Aly Art Kate Moss Makeup tutorial

Winged liner with tape tutorial 1 | 2

Winged liner tutorial for every eye shape

Our current fave liner

P.S. In the graphic Alyona is on the left, it’s an OUTSTANDING transformation!

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2 thoughts on “The magic of makeup

  1. I completely relate to this whole post! Most days my hair is a mess, I have drool and snot all over my clothing, and I am lucky if I have semi-matched my outfit.

    You may also like Lisa Eldridge. I adore her videos even if I haven’t put them to use.

    1. N. thank you for your visit! Lisa is one of my very faves! I honestly can not figure out though how she always does such perfect foundation that looks like skin. I have tried her method and I look like I need more makeup, lol. I guess I will have this year to try to figure all this out;) I have holes in my sneakers, yes, I am walking around with a HOLE in my sneaker?! But I have no time to go to a store and on line shopping feels taxing at the end of the day. Baby steps:)

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