Seriously, this is my last giraffe edit, that’s all I got.  There will be rhino’s, and other odd toe ungulates in the near future but for now let’s bid adieu to the giraffe.  I wrote on Flickr that I wasn’t really happy with this edit but found I was thrilled to re-live the memory of the day this was shot.  It seems silly to not edit a photo of a great memory because it hadn’t turned out like I anticipated (see ‘before’). I would like to write ‘lesson learned’ but I know myself too well and I will be agonizing over my every photograph and have major edit indecision for at least another fortnight.  This photography hobby was supposed to be a creative diversion from my stressful day but it seems I can turn even the most relaxing activity into an exercise in neurosis. How could I have not wanted to edit or even print out a winking giraffe?  Beats me.

6 thoughts on “MMXI::FIVE

  1. Oh thank you for the visit and the kind words! I am completely enamored with your blog, it seems we share the same aesthetic and I have many, many of your posts on my inspiration board.

  2. Oh Toi, let me tell you how hard it was not to be able to. They told me I would be thrown off the tour if I touched the giraffe, it nearly killed me. Mrs. Soup thank you, all the ‘before’s’ thus far have been complete rubbish. I am hoping this forces me to take a better ‘before’ shot. Think of all the time I will save in the digital darkroom?

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