This was a really hard edit, because I couldn’t get rid of the window glare on the left side of the image. I would usually clone that out but there was no detail that would match.  I tried my paint with light action which basically is a non-destructive way to dodge and burn in Photoshop.  It’s probably my most used action (I gave it away for free the last Souvenir Foto School class). I tried creating a vignette effect to darken the glare but no luck.  The more I played the more this started to look like a paint-by-number portrait to me.   I decided to run with that and replicate the vintage color scheme and some paint strokes. It’s not my favorite edit but I am happy I tried it.  If you aren’t checking out the ‘before’ images you really should, it will make you feel like Annie Liebowitz.
I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.

6 thoughts on “MMXII::10::EDITING A PHOTO A DAY IN 2012

  1. You’re amazing. I can’t believe how proficient you are at Photo Shop.

    As for that gypsy blog, she needs to remove your images or give you proper credit before I channel my gypsy heritage and give her the evil eye.

  2. Hi Danielle! Thanks for the heads up, wow they are a HUGE company, that’s really flattering, thank you for the heads up and I will send them a note:)

    Miss Jules, please let them know I would never ask, I am a chicken, lol. Thank you for noticing my prowess, I LOVE Photoshop it allows anyone to become an artist. I can’t wait to one day learn how to become more proficient in digital painting, it’s a real skill.

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