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vintage foto fix cricket before and after

All weekend long I am doing edits on my Instagram feed of vintage photos. This is proof positive that the Vintage Foto Fix Photoshop action set is an easy peasy undertaking, because I am doing them with the ‘assistance’ of a 3 year old, she is ‘curating’, sometimes clicking, always on my lap. Of course toddlers are not known for their infinite wells of patience so you know this has to be quick.

vintage foto fix pinterest bob the cat before and after

I am thinking of adding the edits here as well, because you really do need to see them larger to get that ‘wow’ factor. The edit above I debated whether or not to keep the lettering at the bottom, but decided to just go full on clean edit. If you have any photos you want us to edit I am taking them on this weekend, just email us a Drop box link (it’s free, and a good way to share large files) of your hi-res scans. Have questions?  Happy to be of assistance!


  Vintage Foto Fix


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