Color Palette Generator Round-up


Welcome to the wonderful world of color palette generators! We are often putting together palette’s for ourselves and clients, the old school way is often tedious and time consuming. We know most people that would like to do this may not have the Photoshop or Illustrator chops to do so, we decided to do a quick round up of some palette generators that we thought were very user friendly, just upload your photo or put in an URL and the palette generators will generate a palette for you in mere seconds from the provided image. It’s that quick and easy!

Here are some of our faves, feel free to add any of your faves in the comments!


I-This one has an adjustable pie chart to play with so you can finesse the colors you want in your palette.

II-This one generates from a URL which is great if you don’t have your own image to upoad.

III-You an download your swatches after uploading.

IIII-This one does light and dark colors and a complete palette.

photo via annie sloan

P.S. How gorgeous is this paint color?  I am trying to figure what I can paint first with it!

2 thoughts on “Color Palette Generator Round-up

  1. I really like those colors a lot, lately I love pinks and blues mixed too. I also use colour lovers for my color swatches. It’s just fast and east for me to add the colors, or edit if needed.

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