This is the second sighting of a raccoon I ever had, both were in New York City.  The first was a live one in Central park, which was one part exhilarating and one part repulsion. At first glance it looked like a giant rat, which is scary as all get out (and I have seen very big rats on the streets of New York City). Once I realized it wasn’t a famed NYC rat, I thought it kind of looked like a bear (much easier to stomach). Later that day when I was in downtown I saw the fella above. He really was more pleasant in person, I think my photograph caught him at a menacing angle.

I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.

3 thoughts on “MMXII::22::EDITING A PHOTO A DAY IN 2012

  1. My uncle used to have a pet raccoon. In case you were thinking about adopting one to keep the pups company, don’t do it. They look cute with their little eye masks, but they are MEAN! Ernie seemed to have severe chip on his shoulder and was not happy being a family pet. So cute, yet so ungrateful. Dumb little animal!

    By the way, this picture is tied with the penguins as a favorite.

  2. Mrs. Limestone yes TWO! One alive big as a bear cub in Central Park. It was so close to me, but since I thought it was a rat I made a gasp of horror and it took off. The 2nd at the Evolution store in Soho, which they were kind enough to allow me to photograph. They were really nice there and offered to allow me to shoot the human baby skeleton as well, but I politely declined.

    Toi, Ernie is a really funny name for a raccoon. Maybe he was upset about that? I saw a whole show about a raccoon that was abandoned by it’s mom and found by a nice couple that raised it and were going to release it back in the wild once it was strong enough but the raccoon would have NONE of that and wanted in the house. So much so it carved a hole from the outside into the kitchen!

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