Before I wax poetically about the joy of witnessing magnolias the size of a persons head I need to let you know how this photo came to be.  You see I am one of those annoying people that takes their large DSLR camera with them everywhere.  I use a small 50mm lens so my camera isn’t so bulky but it’s not petite and inconspicuous either. When we were visiting our one road main street the other day we parked near a traditional antebellum home with a wide porch and a thick covering of magnolia trees everywhere. The trees were so heavy with the large florals that they drooped with the weight. I decided to take a photo of them after I dropped my husband off at the barber. I did so and then crossed the street to take my photo.  I was there for about 15 minutes trying to figure the best angle, the leaves were so thick and overgrown that the sun could barely break through and it was hard to get the exposure right. I gingerly moved my foot from the sidewalk to the lawn when my phone rang–it was my husband a.k.a. ‘perfect photo-op killer’. He was calling from inside the barbers window to remind me that I was on private property, this was the South and that the owners had the right to shoot me (with a gun not a camera) if they saw fit. Seriously?  Has there ever been a more Debbie Downer of photo-op than my husband?  I doubt it.  The funny thing is he created this photo monster that I have become because he wouldn’t shoot my Etsy listings all those years ago.  He has also indulged me and gifted me many a camera, I secretly believe it’s not just because it’s thoughtful but more because it’s easy (he’s very pragmatic). Needless to say I heeded his warning and took one more quick step in (on said private property) and snapped this one shot.  For the record the gigantic magnolia smelled like heaven.
P.S. I recently bought an e-learning course from Clickin’ Moms about how to shoot in low light that has changed my photographic world.  I have learned to embrace low light situations and stop bellyaching about not having enough light.  Don’t let the ‘mom’ moniker scare you off if you aren’t one, it’s an awesome network of talented photographers that are willing to share their secrets with you. It’s one of the best (and cheapest) investments I make into my photography each year.


  1. You are seriously so hilarious. I miss you! :(

    I need to sign up for Clickin’ Moms, if only so we can spend some time together on a regular basis.


  2. Ah, I miss you too Jules! Come visit and save me from the ticks! I love Clickin’ Moms, BECAUSE most members are moms it seems that they are better at distilling information down for morons like myself that don’t ‘get’ things that swiftly, in a very simple + gentle way. I have been a member for a few years and never feel like it’s a waste of moola;)

  3. Haha…I love this little anecdote! My husband is the same way when I attempt to get tough shots. I’m going to check out the course, because I have no idea what I’m doing in low light!

  4. Yes, I went to school for a bit in the South and we were not allowed to walk on the grass. Ever. Now my friends make fun of me–because where ever I roam, I make sure to stay on the sidewalks . . . even if it’s the long way around. :)

    And thank you so for the link. Taking photos in low light makes disgruntled.

  5. Susan + Amy, I swear when I took the course (it’s only $25!, self study), it was one of those ‘aha!’ moments. I am starting to see all these new opportunities when I would have turned my nose up to them prior. It was so worth the small investment!

  6. Clickin’ Moms! Why have I never heard of this site yet? It’s gold! Thanks for sharing! I already bought the low light ecourse and the one about photography for your blog. I will be lost in my laptop for the next few hours…

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