Tonight I am grateful, you?  I have so much to be grateful for–my health (you never truly appreciate it until it has been compromised), my new job which is full of creativity and allows me to bring my best-friend to work with me and that I have my freedom.  My heart goes out to Christchurch New Zealand and the innocents in Libya.  I love that my first day out and about the sky was filled with big, fluffy clouds and this heart appeared before me.  I am also grateful that I had my camera with me.

4 thoughts on “MMXI::TWENTY-SEVEN

  1. You get to bring your little nugget to work? Do you work in heaven now? I’m so glad you are in a place that makes you happy now. That’s wonderful.

  2. Yup, I am thankful for health too. Recently a friend of mine passed away with cancer, and really made me realize how blessed I am to have my health. She kept a blog journey of her battle and the second to latest post was by her husband. It was so sad but yet so touching to read his thoughts about her. If you wanna see, her blog is .

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