I love to get lost in the clouds, just staring and watching the rolling waves of fluff move and create familiar shapes. I thought it would be interesting to get the storm clouds in different phases for you. The first one I can totally see a heart, is that just me? The sky is just starting to darken but it’s a pretty deep indigo, the clouds are still bright white, there’s hope that the storm will pass. Alas, the second image the clouds start to congregate, darken and push out the last of the blue in the sky, the sun rays peek through but it’s all in vain as the clouds are on a mission; when they put their mind to it nothing can stop them. The final photo my world is cloaked in shades of gray, the sound of thunder makes the house shake–it’s storm time.  
Last night may not have been the worse storm since we have been here but it certainly was the loudest!  I had B. wrapped up in her Thunder coat, a magical invention if there ever was one. I laid there in the dark just listening to the roar of the thunder, the lightening bright even behind my closed lids.  I love the sound of the rain, the cool breeze that wafts into the bedroom through the open window; the smell of wet earth, wood and pine is not too shabby either.  It’s supposed to rain all week, so I will have lots of time to take in more clouds, smells and sounds. I think I might even take some time this week to paint. I am certainly feeling inspired and the cloud study is definitely a beautiful reference point, but I won’t try to recreate it as I think that Mother Nature already perfected those images and I could do nothing to add to their beauty but I have some ideas that I want to play with and besides it’s always a good time when you break out the paints and just lose yourself for a few hours, I highly recommend it.  I am finding that studying painting helps me to become a better photographer, you notice light in new ways and you know I love me some good light.  You?  Will you be doing anything for yourself this week? Something creative or trying something new? It’s a short week it should fly by, it might be nice to take a little time for just you.


  1. When we had the oddball thundershower float through here last week terrifying Bleu, I once again thought of the Thunder Shirt. May just give in and buy one since it works so well for you and B.

  2. Gorgeous! I saw the heart immediately.

    I’m counting down the days until I start my quilting class. Yes! Quilting. I think the precision, symmetry, and repetitive motion will be soothing for me, don’t you think?

  3. I am so happy you saw the heart! I love when that happens. I am envious, I love all those beautiful modern quilts and I also love a project that is both creative + pragmatic. I can’t wait to hear what all the fuss is about quilting, it seems really relaxing and perfect for a type A personality, hah!

    Saw these new (to me) books:

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