I turned some of my calligraphy practice into Photoshop brushes so you could use in your blog graphics, scrapbooks or love letters, etc.  If you want to use these in Photoshop Elements they should work the same as the full version of PS.  Ez of Creature Comforts has a great + simple tutorial on how to load the Photoshop brushes and tips on how to use them. I hope you like them and I am hoping that I get better with more and more practice, I know I am such a newbie. I can only write a couple of words out with the letters, I find the part of calligraphy practice that is the most difficult is to be able to link the letters in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way. I have such an admiration and respect for those letterers that excel at it and that make it look so effortless. When I lived in the South of France (years and years ago before the internet was invented), I would marvel at everyone’s penmanship, no matter who wrote (from the butcher to the fashionista) it was elegant & beautiful. I often find myself not adding personal notes to my orders because I don’t like my letters. I print ‘ok’ it is neat, but there’s something that I can’t pinpoint that bothers me and makes me crumple my note and enclose a stamped ‘thank you’ instead.  Do any of you feel like that? Not write a note because you don’t think your handwriting is up to par? Or do you think I am completely silly?  I can assure you that I am not, I have seen a few sweet + thoughtful Instagrams of parcels I sent with notes and I cringe when I see my hand looking odd and horsey; I want to request a do-over–stat! And the worse part is I probably took a few minutes to write it as neat as possible and it still turned out looking wonky!  Enough of my writing neurosis, please download the Photoshop brushes here and feel free to use them in any of your personal projects. I would love to see what you do with them if you feel like sharing!


  1. Thank you! I love these and can’t wait to use them.
    And I’m seriously tempted to take ISLY’s calligraphy class.
    So many goodies coming from your blog these days!
    Any tips on get your writing/drawings from your paper to a digital image? I can’t ever seem to get mine as clear as you seem to have gotten yours. Thanks!

  2. Hi Lindsay, thank you! I can on an Epson Perfection V200, when I bought it, it was top of the line. I use the ‘document’ setting as opposed to the ‘photo’. I turn everything into grayscale artwork and then I go in and erase any mistakes in Photoshop, but I am glad you asked I will try to put together a video tute;)

  3. You have the best design ideas! I learned the Palmer method (courtesy of hard-core Notre Dame nuns) and have practiced calligraphy since then. It’s a shame that writing isn’t required anymore in school. It speaks volumes without saying a word.

  4. Christine all of my Catholic school girlfriends have the BEST handwriting because they had to learn the Palmer method. I think if I ever have a kid I will want them to learn SOME method so they too can have beautiful penmanship! Diane I am SO glad it’s not just me! Sorry, but I am! I need to find the ‘trick’ to making in more smooth, I found 4 letters was my max for connecting (right now) hah! Practice;) P.S. Let me know if you figure anything out!

  5. I’m taking the calligraphy course right now! I really appreciate Melissa’s encouragement and tips. I hope my results eventually look as great as yours. :)

  6. Jean, she is such a great teacher that I am sure if you practice that you will be incredible! Everyone that has taken her class that I have seen their practice has done very nicely!

  7. Gah! I’m ga-ga over this! I think it turned out amazing! I once had bad handwriting until my teacher in elementary school met with my mom who then straightened me out :D I practice Copperplate..but I need to really practice more. I also love Spencerian and want to learn that someday. I have quite a few books on the subject because I went calligraphy crazy last year. I want to try to scan and upload in the future, we’ll see how my Canon scanner does. I’m glad Greer asked the question. And I can’t wait for a tutorial by you!

    1. Sorry Alex! It looks like it hit the limit of bandwith for the month. I am looking in to other options for the downloads but this company is always so reliable with no ads, which I really like. It should be available again next month!

  8. Oh I just love these calligraphic brushes, thank you!!! I’m about to make some stickers with them. If only you would offer up a downloadable ‘beaucoup’ to match the merci!! That would be so fabulous, oui oui! :)

    Thanks again,

  9. Hi, and thanks for posting these! When I click on the link to download it won’t actually download anything. Do you know if the link is broken?


  10. This is beautiful! Which brush presets did you use to get this? I’ve been trying since ages playing with the presets, but don’t seem to get such a good result as yours! thanks!

  11. Hi there,
    I’m trying to download your calligraphy brushes, but it won’t let me. Are they no longer available for download? If they are still available can you let me know what i’m doing wrong?


    1. Hi Harriet! That means we have exceeded our download bandwith for the month, it resets again at the beginning of each month:)

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