Sunday had me at the Flea with my three pound dog, yes I am one of those women that carry their dog in their bag.  George likes the bag and I like her company, it’s a win-win situation. I like to go there and dig through old photo’s and see if any vendors are accidentally selling vintage cameras for a a fraction of what they are worth.  I bought my SX-70 there for $5 and the following weekend the vendor caught on and was selling one for $150, sigh, how quick these treasure hunters learn.  There was a vendor selling daguerrotypes and ambrotypes starting at $30, I wanted one or two (dozen), but figured that I really can’t justify frivolous spending right now. The vendor tolerated my opening almost every album to ogle, but I think he would really rather have had me and my dog be gone.  He said he sold on Etsy, but only the $500 and up ones in a tone of voice that basically could be interpreted as, ‘so if you can’t afford the $30 ones don’t even bother looking me up’. I left the Flea empty handed but not uninspired, I remembered this witty lady had mentioned My Daguerreotype Boyfriend, which of course I adored (she has such splendid taste that one) and then I read about this one (I am much too much of a lady to repeat the title), and then there’s this one.  It seems that dead hot guys are all the rage, go figure. Have you succumbed to this phenomena?  Do you know of more sites like these?  Inquiring minds want to know…


  1. well, isn’t he a hottie begottie. and yes, he is probably the size of Justin Bieber. ps you used daguerreotype in your blog title. i am smitten with your blog! xo

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