Hand-lettered script font free!

hand lettered script font via besotted blog

Yesterday Carmen left a comment about a couple of fonts we all might be interested, the one shown above which is free (but only for this week!) and one I think we have mentioned before a sweet, script that is currently at a deep discount.  I’ll be honest I don’t download a lot of free fonts, I feel like it slows down my computer and a font that’s not created for professional output can be very frustrating to use, but for personal projects why the heck not? I really like what typography enthusiast Kaffer is doing, I think you might like it too, visit his blog-Fox & Firefly for some nice looking fonts he has created, the graphics alone would serve as good specimens to reference when you are doing your lettering practice, I am always on the look out for good specimens!

Here are some other fonts that may be of interest to you that are not free but definitely budget friendly. They all have a hand-lettered feel to them. If you are trying your hand at lettering, as mentioned above it’s always nice to have a specimen to reference, type out words with the fonts you admire so you can see how they connect, the spacing and try different sizes print out and then practice away! This little tip has helped me immensely when I am doing my own lettering practice. Here are some fonts that I think you may like:

Hand-painted font (it has nice gradiations in it for an authentic feel)

Loving the cross bars on her lowercase ‘t’s’ on this one!

A femme hipster serif

A mono-weight very hipster-esque script

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4 thoughts on “Hand-lettered script font free!

    1. Sorry Clarisse, I just added the link in the post, but our images usually link to what we are babbling about that day, lol;) Thank you for catching that!

  1. Love these fonts! I’m sad I missed the free font. The price has already gone up! Thanks, as always, for the lovely suggestions.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry you missed the featured free font! But fox & firefly has some nice brushy fonts right now! Thank you for your visit!

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