Yesterday I made it to the beach, no it was not a pupil free day.  I had a doctor’s appointment in Santa Monica (a mere 15 blocks from the ocean). I knew it would take forever, it always takes forever. I discovered that my self diagnosis of vertigo is not vertigo at all but extremely low blood pressure. That made me chuckle, because I am so stressed out all the time I would think that my blood pressure would be off the charts high. It was so low the nurse took it a few times just to make sure the machine hadn’t malfunctioned and that I wasn’t dead. One of the side effects of low pressure is extreme dizziness and sometimes fainting, how very Victorian of me. They drew a bunch of blood as well, just in case I wasn’t feeling dizzy enough. To make up for my being tortured my husband took me to the beach as planned so I could try to get some ocean diamond photographs for our walls (my favorite, when the sun makes the water sparkle). When I finished processing the first photo above I announced to Ace that I was going to blow that one up, his response? “That one? It’s not even in focus.” Sigh, so much for artistic license.

14 thoughts on “OCEAN DIAMONDS

  1. These are photos are beautiful! Certainly will look wonderful on your wall or anyone’s wall for that matter. I typically have low blood pressure too. I’ve been turned away from blood donation centers for that reason.


  2. Thank you ladies for the sweet words, I will let him know that he obviously doesn’t have an appreciation for the dreamy blur–boys! I do think I need a fainting couch and maybe a paper fan as well, lol.

  3. from a fellow dizzy-headed-extremely-low-blood-pressure-girl to another, I love these photos. The lighting is gorgeous.

  4. I have just been catching up on your last several posts…such dreamy photos! I had to pin a few and it took me a minute to decide which board to pin the photo of the sparkling water and the turquoise railing. At first I thought PLACES, but then went for PHOTOGRAPHY because it really is such an amazing photo!

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