Miss B.:   Oh look at that pretty light!  Bella, do you want Mommy to take your picture?
Bella:      Sheesh lady, can you not see that I am totally comfortable?  Don’t you have enough photos of me already? It’s nap time.
Miss B.:  Pretty please?
Bella: Seriously? Sigh…You aren’t going away are you?

Miss B.:  Was that necessary?
Bells:     Completely.
Miss B.: Come on, if you cooperate this will go by so much faster.

Bells: Don’t you have some packing to do? Okay, okay, I’ll pose for one shot, but then you have to leave me alone.
Miss B.: Pinky promise.

Bells:  I’ve been working on this pose for awhile, it’s a little introspective. What do you think?
Miss B.: Not too shabby. Nope, not too shabby at all.


I have sent out my last Besotted Brand parcel from the California studio, sigh…With regret, I am going to have to close the shop for the month of May.  I couldn’t see any way around it, we are driving for a week, looking for a place to live the week after and once we do find a place I will have to unpack the inventory–June is the grand re-opening!  I am pretty excited as I want to bring in a lot of new offerings.  I have new DIY stationery sets, initial hand stamps and so much more.  I have been working with photographer Jamie Simon of Intertwyned Photography to help me with my product shots and I couldn’t be happier.  I am really looking forward to the next phase for Besotted Brand and I hope you are too!


I’ve had a Sephora gift certificate in my wallet since Christmas.  Yes, of course it was burning a hole in it, I am a hardcore beauty addict, but since leaving my job and starting a new business the luxury of shopping at Sephora had become a thing of the past. I was saving the gift certificate for when I really needed it.  I started to hear about this new miracle make-up from Smashbox and I decided I really, really needed it.  The product is a 5-in-1 item- it primes, moisturizes, has SPF 35,  nice coverage and something else I can’t remember (maybe it does your laundry?) it’s their new BB cream (‘BB’ stands for beauty balm). I am pretty picky about my foundation, I have dry skin and hyper pigmentation (from years of hanging out in the sun with Crisco and tin foil, or something like that). I have never had any luck with tinted moisturizer and I really love the Nature Luxe I’ve been using, but…this is a 5-in-1 and I am driving cross country, if I can bring one product instead of 5 (even though I can’t remember the 5th thing it purports to do), well I’m going to look into it.  I’m giving it a huge thumbs up!  I wouldn’t consider this a tinted moisturizer, it gives great buildable coverage and is not as sheer as a  tinted moisturizer, for me this is a good thing, for someone looking for a tinted moisturizer maybe not so much. The first time I tried it without using moisturizer but I found I needed more moisturizer underneath, so the next day I tried with a little dab and it was much smoother. They say you only need a pea size amount and ‘they’ aren’t lying.  A  little goes a long way, this tube should get you through the entire summer and maybe the first couple weeks of fall.  Every time I have worn it my husband has complimented me and said I looked pretty, he also mentioned that he likes me like this– ‘fresh faced and no make-up’.  I like myself with this ‘no make-up’ too.  It’s light enough to still show your own texture through so you don’t look like you are wearing make-up, but it covers everything you want to cover–flawlessly.  It’s a keeper.  Oh, total extra bonus, it supposedly diminshes lines and improves skin moisture in five weeks (guaranteed). They sold me, maybe I’ve sold you?  I ended up using the entire gift certificate (I obviously have no self control) so I will be bragging, sharing my thoughts once I test everything else.


I found Colenimo via Georgina’s blog, what a find! This is a photograph from one of the designer’s  lookbooks, it’s so beautiful you could frame it and call it a day.  I love when branding + promotion becomes so covet worthy you want to keep it/collect it/horde it.  I can’t express how much I adore the interwebs.  Everyday I am inspired, delighted, thrilled.  Every. Single. Day. And you?  Have you found a beautiful new spot on the information super highway that you would like to share with moi?


I am trying to find the bright side to packing.  I hate to pack, the only thing I hate more then packing is unpacking. I read once that there’s a Four Season’s in Indonesia that will unpack for you when you arrive.  It has become one of my #1 dream destination spots, solely based on this rumor.  I would love someone to unpack for me. Okay, so there has been one positive and that’s finding all these cute shoes that I forgot I owned.  My closet is pretty organized, everything is color coordinated and shoes are in neat rows, the problem is I have a sliding closet door that has been broken for awhile thus making it impossible to see into one side of my closet. I had to summon Herculean strength to move the door the other day and found quite a few pairs of shoes that I must have bought in an obvious cute shoe buying frenzy.  Shoes that I have never worn and shoes that I hope to wear more often.  I tried wearing a pair the other day when we were going to get bagels & coffee, but my husband refused to get bagels whilst I was wearing ‘that get up’.  Which was actually all casual with a pair of Gucci high heel clog knock-off’s, that may not sound cute, but trust me they were good knock off’s and they were super cute. I think it must be bad enough that his wife will not go outside without 52 coats of mascara on, the high heel clogs must have put him over the edge.  I should really get back to packing, because willing these boxes to fill themselves does not seem to be working.  Eight more days to go, I am freaking out a little  lot.  I am wondering what I have got myself into? What the heck was I thinking when I agreed to move 2500 miles away from home to a place I have spent less than five days in? Oh gosh, I must be crazy….
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