I am not exaggerating when I say that I have boxes upon boxes of new inventory that I am unpacking.  I have wanted to add a storage element for the stamps to the shop for awhile. I have personally been using these wood ‘printers tray inspired’ ones in the studio but I could not get the cost feasible to re-sell unless I ordered so many that I would not have room to move in my studio, so I did! I just love them, they look great, have a slim profile so they don’t take up a ton of space, stack well and they are super practical.  Of course don’t need to use them for the stamps you could put other office accoutrements in them or use them as bead/jewelry storage, etc.  I want to stain some, I haven’t tried yet, it is on my super long to-do list.  They have an optional plexi-glass slide top which you can choose to use or not.  I think it’s a nice touch to keep dust + dirt away from the stamps as you really want to keep them away from rogue particles so they continue to print crisply for many moons. I hope you like the new offering!  You can get yours here.


I hope you don’t mind me indulging in a little ‘show & tell’ as I unpack what feels like hundreds of boxes of inventory.  I would be overwhelmed but I am way too excited to see how everything turned out.  These new kraft round boxes are a wee bit bigger than the favor boxes but they hold a surprisingly large amount of items for their size.  All these kraft rounds are extra sturdy so they take paint really well; so go ahead and bust out the acrylics, or spray paint them, even decoupage them they are ready for whatever craftiness you have in store.  The best part is you can dress these up or down. Use a double-sided satin ribbon (my choice is jet black) for contrast or some Parcel twine to keep it clean, simple + rustic. Use them for your bridal party gifts, packaging your handmade jewelry, gifting Grandma’s excellent brownies, or even to organize your work area, really the options are endless! And yes, I will be adding an even larger size soon!


I can not believe it’s Friday, this week just flew by for me!  I have just received an enormous inventory haul at the studio and have been unpacking, styling + photographing items like a mad person, trying to write descriptions and get everything uploaded–I need to clone myself!  I don’t have big plans for the weekend only to be able to show off new wares here next week (I know I am totally wild, right?).  I will announce another custom stamp winner on Monday and she sure is lucky that the dates are wrong for me because the stamp turned out so cute and I really wanted to keep it for myself!  I have the ‘centering your stamp’ tutorial shot now I just need to find a free sec to edit it, hopefully I can post that for you by Tuesday of next week.  Have I mentioned that the Besotted Brand mailing list is privy to special discounts and gets to preview new items before they launch in the shop. That’s correct! Last month all BB list subscribers got a 50% discount for a one full week,  on everything in the shop!  Plus those on the list got some of the new stationery in their orders, always a little something ‘extra’ be it a small token or upgraded shipping.  If you love fine design (and I know you do), then I highly recommend you sign-up today to be in the loop for the next secret discount code reveal . Don’t worry, emails only go out about once a month (if I remember) and they are always worth the extra (minute) space they will take up in your inbox!
For the product photography tip–If you noticed on this image my white was a little blue, that’s because I was wearing navy; I usually wear white when I shoot my products so my clothes don’t add a color cast to the image.  I don’t think it matters much in other types of photography, but product photography on a white background is very susceptible to rogue color casts from the clothes you don. It’s a little tip that I think makes a world of difference, so put on that white t-shirt and get to shooting!
Happy Weekend to you!


Finally!  It has been such a long time coming that these two items are back in the shop.  Our beeswax linen twine is made by hand so it is always a surprise when I can get some from our supplier, that is the way of the artisan. If you haven’t worked with it before it’s an interesting texture where it adheres to itself because of the wax, but is not sticky, it’s great when tying bows, no need to borrow an extra finger to help with wrapping. It is often used in bookbinding which reminds me I should really do a little booklet tutorial one day so you can make some for friends or quick ‘notes to self’ (they are quite addicting). The tags + twine set comes in the cutest round box, it’s not as small as our favor boxes so it will hold your tags and twine in one convenient storage compartment! Yes, today is a happy day.


As promised I am going to discuss turning your handwriting into a font. I am not going to go into the step-by-step as there are too many variables, but I am going to load you with resources and get you pointed in the right direction to get started on your project today.  I did a lot of research on this for a branding client I worked with which I highly recommended that they create a custom font (typeface) for their brand as their logo was just a type treatment and it would be a beautiful, subtle and elegant way to continue to brand their company.  For you my friend, you may want to do something like this to brand your blog/company and make it as unique as you are or even to get into font production. 

  • ONLINE FONT CREATION-There are a few online font tools to create a font from your handwriting. Although it is fun to be able to see your hand created as a font so swiftly, these lack the ability to adjust your font and make it more precise, but if you want something immediately than this may be a good route to go for you in the beginning.  Both Fontifier and Myscriptfont are a complete a template, scan it + upload = font is created!
  • SOFTWARE-The most popular and the one across the board that I found most custom fonts are created with is called Font Lab.  Like most new software you start to use there is a learning curve, but it is a robust software and if you plan on creating many fonts that you may want to re-sell this is definitely something you will want to look into. It’s an investment for sure.
  • HIRE A PRO-If you are serious about becoming a hand lettering designer or don’t have the patience or time to learn a new software program I highly recommend a professional font creator; someone that knows the software inside and out and can anticipate situations with your font design that you may not. There are so many little nuances that come up that it would be nearly impossible for you to produce a perfectly production ready font on your first go.  I corresponded with Silas Dilworth a professional font designer and asked him if he could give us an idea of cost for the average person to hire a font designer of course this is just ballpark range and not a stone cold figure, his answer was “anywhere from $1,500-$5,000”.  I have invested plenty a pretty penny into my business so that seems like a rather fair amount for a design that is yours and you can sell like hotcakes if it’s amazing (which I know yours is). I think most entrepreneurs want passive income where they produce something and don’t really have to worry about production costs or fulfillment. Font design, if you are a talented enough sounds like it could be very lucrative. If you want to look into hiring a pro Silas would be a great resource (he emails you back like lightening) and here are a few other candidates that I don’t know personally but seemed pretty legit–Font Haus, David Occhino, Typotheque.

Good luck!  If you do create a font let me know, I would love to see it!

P.S. If you like the ‘today’ font in the graphic above you can add it to your font collection for free here.