This was a really hard edit, because I couldn’t get rid of the window glare on the left side of the image. I would usually clone that out but there was no detail that would match.  I tried my paint with light action which basically is a non-destructive way to dodge and burn in Photoshop.  It’s probably my most used action (I gave it away for free the last Souvenir Foto School class). I tried creating a vignette effect to darken the glare but no luck.  The more I played the more this started to look like a paint-by-number portrait to me.   I decided to run with that and replicate the vintage color scheme and some paint strokes. It’s not my favorite edit but I am happy I tried it.  If you aren’t checking out the ‘before’ images you really should, it will make you feel like Annie Liebowitz.
I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.


I just added these to the shop the other day, if you have ordered from me lately I have been including a few of them in each order.  I am a fan of the classic shipping label, but these take it to a totally new level.  I love that you can do pretty much what you like with them–stain, paint, stamp, decoupage and I suppose whatever creative endeavor that pops into your head. You can definitely write on them with felt tip pens or calligraphy ink.  I think they would be perfect for escort cards, table numbers, favor tags, gift tags perhaps a very unique business card?  They are just really useful to have in your craft arsenal.  I have the tags available in bulk for those that need a bunch. Bonus, they come housed in the cutest kraft, oval mini-hat box.  I have a couple ‘models’ lined up for some future D.I.Y.’s that will include the tags, I am thrilled about this as I find it a Herculean task to style, shoot and model–kudos to all those bloggers that do this on a regular basis, I am in awe.  If you would like to stock up on some tags you can visit them here.  
For those that would like to try to tempt fate I am going to give away three wood shipping tag sets to two lucky readers (that’s right they will each get 3 sets). This is a call to the crafty, I would like people that are willing to do a D.I.Y. with the tags and photograph their attempts for potential publication at a later date (yes, featured here on this lovely blog, thus becoming famous in Romania like moi). If you are up for the challenge than leave a comment with a link to a formerly crafty project you have done.  I will choose the winners next Monday.  Good luck!


This is the first edit that I am ‘OK’ with.  I am really hard on myself and look at my edits and want to do more, more, more. I learned a few things with this-how to create a fog effect, it took me awhile until I got it right and then I found the Nik Color Efex has it available in one click on their new filter offerings.  I am always doing things the hard way. Live and learn, right?  
In other news, I was able to play with the 100mm macro lens I rented.  I both hate and love renting lenses, I love it because I can try something I can’t afford to buy and I hate it because I often fall in love with a lens and to give it back is such sweet sorrow.  It’s how I feel about this lens.  I don’t have any experience with macro lenses so I was under the very wrong assumption that this lens would only be good for close-ups, but it’s a great portrait lens as well! It stops down to f/2.8 so you can get a lot of light in and it’s very sharp.  If I had the money I would be adding this lens to my kit–yesterday.  To take my product shots I had to stand on a ladder and my tip toes to get everything in the shot, it’s like a mini zoom.  I plan to show you some of the close-ups soon and we both can swoon over this lens.  Have any of you tried it or are lucky enough to own a macro lens?

I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.


This may be hard to believe, but I am a Belieber, so is my husband.  We converted last night after watching a documentary on this amazingly talented boy.  All I kept thinking the whole time was, ‘gosh, his mother must be so proud’. I don’t know much about current pop culture, I live in the 18th century when it comes to ‘current affairs’ and I don’t listen to music radio in the car or home, so I pretty much had no idea about his music.  I had seen this one wedding video. I’m not a moron I know a catchy song when I hear one.  The documentary made me adore Mr. Beiber. I can see why as a parent of a young girl you wouldn’t mind if they had Beiber mania, he’s a good role model–work hard, follow your dreams, act your age, love your family and friends. I hope he stays sincere and continues to achieve his goals. He’s one talented individual and I would recommend the documentary to anyone in need of a dose of inspiration.


This is an iphone snap that I took while window shopping. The little model plane reminds me of The Little Prince, there’s something very sweet about it. Did you know The Little Prince was penned in New York?  There’s even a tour of New York authors that includes Antoine de Saint-Euxpery. That’s your little bit of trivia for the day, hope you liked that tidbit.
I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.
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