I am still working this week, no, I am not bitter; I have discovered a new podcast which makes me thrilled to be in front of my computer! For those amongst us that are interested in odd historical trivia you might enjoy ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class’ from How Stuff Works.  You can find it in itunes (it’s free!). It’s a little hard to concentrate on my work as I find the podcasts particularly interesting. In fact, I had to write that line about four times because I was lost in the story of Salvador Dali’s Ocelot. I shall be returning after the new year, in the interim I wanted to make sure that I stopped by to wish you the best new year ever, you make my every day happier and I am grateful for your visits.


Yesterday after work I decided to finally address my crazy long hair situation.  Hair doesn’t get that long by chance, perhaps the person possessing that crazy hair has had a series of bad haircuts that made them a little gun shy when it comes to the hairdresser? A petite phobia?  When I arrived at the  hair salon a.k.a the scene of the crime, I discussed with the stylist the length I wanted and the cut. Please view exhibit a. here (the girl on left) and exhibit b. here for reference. I also wanted to donate my extra pony tail to Locks of Love an organization that makes hairpieces for disadvantaged kids that have suffered hair loss from medical conditions. I knew they needed at least nine inches and at ten inches my hair would still be long and not miss the extra length.  I was feeling smug with my decision, how could I get a bad haircut when I was doing something so valiant? I suppose very easily.  I do not know where on the reference photos it showed I wanted to look like Marcie Johnson from Peanuts, but that is the cut I got.  My hair is square, not figuratively but actually square. So whilst I try to act as if nothing is wrong, I will be crying into my wrapping paper this afternoon as I try to will my square hair to grow.  Never a dull moment for Miss B.  In other news, if I don’t make it back here tomorrow wishing you all a Happy Holiday!
image of marcie by charles schultz


Christmas has arrived a couple days early for these fine winners! I couldn’t choose just one, I wish I could pick you all. If your name wasn’t called this time, don’t fret, I plan to do many, many more giveaways in 2012, it’s a numbers game. You are all winners to me, ’nuff said. 
P.S. If you were picked, please send me an email with your requested customization.


My scheduled mail pick-up didn’t happen yesterday.  I was heartbroken as I wanted needed these two dozen packages picked up and delivered to the recipients and not sitting at my front door, looking forlorn as they were last night when I came home from work. There’s not really any recourse with the Post Office, no one to pick up the phone and listen to you complain, it was in a word (or two)–a bummer. I have learned a lot about the Post since I opened my first Etsy shop, one is that tax payers do not pay for the Postal Service, it’s an independent business, which to me means that the company should care a teensy bit more about their customers, no? With the scare of them threatening to shutter, designer + illustrator Matt Chase took it upon himself to create a re-brand to save the Us Post Office.  In my humble opinion it’s pretty fantastic.  It’s nostalgic enough to pull at the heart strings and modern enough to work for the future.  It’s a fantastical project that will probably never come into fruition as their customer service needs a re-brand first and foremost (you know the expression about a pig with lipstick right?).  I highly recommend you take a second and peruse Matt’s concept, it will make you smile, unlike standing in line at the Post will. Visit Matt here.


I am a bit obsessed with finding storage options for my space, even though I am a minimalist by nature, I do have inventory + supplies to contend with now (and a tiny apartment to fit everything in). I found some great tutorials utilizing crates as storage and on creating your own faux vintage crates (insert squeal here). True vintage crates can get expensive if you are buying in multiples but I have added my favorite vintage crate resource for those that don’t want to put in the elbow grease.
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