Yan Palmer Honest Photographer

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I have been in a bit of a funk lately, so much on my plate and not a ton of time to get it all done and sometimes not even time to make a dent in anything. For my type A personality (that is wound a little too tightly), this has been a very difficult realization. Speaking of realization, I am realizing that this is my life right now and besides my beautiful little family and my friends, it’s not exactly how I had envisioned it. Part of this funk has been because of a heavy dose of comparison a.k.a the thief of joy. In the last six months I found out randomly that two of my former clients had become multi-millionaires-MULTI and that two of my former business partners have achieved that as well although one married into it so I am not counting that, too much, (I jest). My former assistant has surpassed me professionally and has gone above and beyond anything I could have dreamed of. What have all these people done that I have not? They FOCUSED. I am not a focuser I am a explorer, I am insatiably curious, I am a dabbler and I am infinitely interested in uhm, what seems like EVERYTHING. Michelle and I have made a concentrated effort lately on what we call the ‘F’ word (focus). It has not been easy, but guess what? When we have focused we have gotten a ton of ‘s’ done. Very gratifying for someone that likes to check things off her list! I’d love to hear from anyone that went from being freewheelin’ to focused and if that dramatically changed their lives or if you know of someone that did?  So, what does this have to do with Yan Palmer?Read More

Hello Winners!

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Thank you everyone that participated in our Brush Lettering week!  I know that I was thoroughly inspired by the interviews and learned some new tricks I can’t wait to try out!

So without further ado…

Jenny Highsmith Hand Letter Like a Pro E-course Winner@HelloOctober

Laura Worthington 3 part Brush Lettering Course Winner-Chantelle Hoffman-So many amazing and contemporary lyrics to choose from, but my all time favorite is an oldie that brings back pictures of singing from the top of Austrian Alps: “Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder consider all the works thy hand has made, I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, thy power throughout the universe has made, then sings my soul, my savior God to thee, how great thou art, how great thou art!”

Kal Barteski Custom 8 x 10’s Winners (3)-

Courtney Glasson-I am quite enamored with Kal ‘s lettering style and join her in wanting to save the Polar Bears that are on their way to becoming extinct because they are losing their summer ice shelf . I would like to have her write: love is all you need

Sarah-This was a beautiful interview! I would love the word “fearless” in her bold script!

Jennifer-This was such an inspiring interview! I loved Kal’s advice to artist’s ” Don’t over think it. Be yourself. YOU ARE YOU AND THAT IS YOUR POWER. Be your best you…” I would love her to letter a part of this quote, maybe “Be your best you.” It’s a message I am always trying to give to my kids!

Kal Barteski Life Scripted Class with SuppliesRachel-What a great interview! I am so sad I missed out on Kal’s online course – it was on my list to sign up for but I waited too long :( It’s awesome to learn about her love of wildlife. I’ve had some words bouncing around in my head that I’d like to letter and I think they’d look great in Kal’s script: “May your adventures be wild and your summers endless.”

Lettering Rx | Paper to Pixel actions + $50 Paper, Ink, Arts gift certificate-@redclaypaper

Thank you, thank you everyone that stopped by and visited that practiced and shared. We are so grateful for your support!


Ancora Imparo

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Michelle and I love this quote so very much, even though I keep attributing it to another genius (I did triple check I got it right this time). Last week we did a week of Brush Lettering with interviews and some seriously awesome giveaways. We are keeping the giveaways open until the end of the this week July 8, 2016 so if you haven’t already please join in and good luck to you! Also, please note, if you love these giveaways as much as we love doing them please do participate, comment, etc. we really can’t get you the caliber and quality of interviews and giveaways if there’s not interaction;) Click on the links below for details!

Learn to hand letter like a pro with Jenny Highsmith’s e-course.

Ever wonder what supplies and resources a popular lettering artist uses? Jessica Kaela of Coco & Mingo shares hers here.

Uber successful commercial lettering artist Laura Worthington shares many great tips + a chance to win her 3 part Brush Lettering Course.

Famed lettering artist Kal Barteski shares a very inspiring interview + you can win a custom lettered print AND access to her course with supplies.

Ready to take your lettering to the next level? You’ll need to get your work cleaned + digitized and some new supplies wouldn’t hurt either visit here to win!

We hope we have inspired you to try your hand at this medium, remember we would LOVE to see your practice so tag your work #bblettering on Instagram and Pinterest so we can find you!

The Best Brush Lettering Supplies


We thought we would end Brush Lettering week with a bang (and a few more goodies for you)! We know that you are going to need some supplies so Paper Ink Arts, the veritable emporium for lettering supplies will be donating one $50 Gift Certificate!  This is plenty good to get you started with the basics-a brush, brush pen, ink or gouache and paper! Once you have gotten your brush on and have been lettering like crazy you are probably going to want to start sharing it on your site/blog, creating all sorts of crazy good graphics with it for Pinterest or other social media or maybe you might even want to try you hand at getting your lettering onto some custom products for yourself or for resale. In that case you are going to need to have the easiest and fastest way to get you lettering from paper to pixel and that is Lettering Rx | Photoshop actions and we will be happy to giveaway a set to one lovely winner! Above is a little real time GIF Michelle created cleaning up Kal Barteski’s iconic lettering, it really is this fast to clean up your lettering and illustrations with Lettering Rx! Just a few quick clicks and basic Photoshop knowledge (like how to open your file basic). It’s oh, so satisfying to watch the lettering be transformed from paper to digital, but still maintain it’s wonderful quirky hand, ready to use in your next project. This is how you up your lettering game friends. But wait there’s more…Read More

Learn Brush Lettering | Interview with Kal Barteski

kal barteski interview via besotted blog

I don’t even know where to start with our next interview–the Kal Barteski! I am so very enamored with her and if you are in the lettering world, or perhaps the world in general, you probably already know of her. Kal is a true artist, but also an innovator, motivator and just someone you want to know because her sun shines a little bit brighter than most. She’s one of those people, you know the ones that you just want more of. I remember when I was in my postpartum lowest of lows and feeling bereft and lost and all those crazy hormonal things that happen after baby (and severe sleep deprivation). I was given Kal’s class as a gift and it took me months before I watched it and oh, how I wish I watched it sooner!  It knocked me right back to cloud nine! It was equal parts magic as it was lettering instruction, Kal’s love of life and enthusiasm for her work is so freakin’ contagious that I watched the class like 6 times in a row to just take it all in. Yes, I am a hardcore fan for life and I am so happy that Kal, an in demand artist and mother to 3 had time to effusively agree with a resounding YES!!! in our inbox to be part of this brush lettering week! We are grateful and can’t wait to share…

Where are you located? 

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. That’s Canada. ;)

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Kal. I make messy letters. I use a paint brush to create words that are imperfect and in that imperfect mess – there’s an authentic human aspect. I use my hands. I believe in contributing positively to the Universe. I have three cute kids, a couple of french bulldogs and a husband I really like. I’m trained as a graphic designer and a painter, but really I’m just drawn to projects and people that make a difference. I’m passionate about wildlife and the Arctic. I’ve done a TEDx talk, won some awards, met a pile of people that inspired me to do more to leave the world in a better and more beautiful state than I found it.

Any brush lettering ‘secrets’ you want to divulge? Read More