One more day!

rare-bird-countdown-1-GIF!  Are you sick of me yet?  I am sure you are, but look at that font?  Go ahead, insert low whistle here, I am! I know you must have thought we dropped the lettering love like a hot potato, we didn’t, we just wanted to see our obsession for typography morph into something more. This foundry is that ‘more’. We are so excited to be able to work with artists that we admired for so long and to help them realize their visions. If you haven’t already, sign-up to be the first one notified of the launch and to see the site of the ‘most beautiful font foundry in the world’.




Two! Two more days until the Rare Bird Font Foundry launches? I am getting both extremely nervous and extremely excited! It’s like all the major holidays rolled up into one big day, complete with all the pre-stress related with said holiday. Feel free to leave us a note and let us know that we aren’t just sitting here ‘talking’ to ourselves. I am dying to have blogging be how it used to be, where people actually left you little notes and gave you virtual high-fives and all that jazz. I want to be able to share my excitement without feeling like a used car salesman, because I am so excited and I know the fonts are going to be an incredible addition to many designer’s arsenals, an addition that will make for some very happy clients. Happy clients + Happy designers = Success! And we totally want you to be successful! I’ll make this post quick, because basically I am starting to hyperventilate (in a good way, if that’s possible?)


The countdown is on!

rare bird font foundry

Ah, I can’t believe this is actually happening! Four years friend, four years to create this foundry. I have the patience of a toddler hopped up on a triple espresso, this has felt like forever to me. And yet, here we are today counting down the days until our launch! Days!  This is one of those pinch me moments for sure. For the record if I haven’t mentioned this prior, trying to set-up a foundry of this quality and caliber is so not easy. I will be honest with you, if I would have known what I was getting myself into with all the fine tuning, negotiations, legalities, taxes and so much more I probably wouldn’t have chosen to continue this project. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. I do not recommend Foundry founding as something to get into and you know I am all about sharing what it is that we are into. It’s just so flip, flappin’ jackin’ complicated! If you want to age yourself prematurely and have your hair fall out, then by all means do try to scale this mountain. The results?  Oh, dear, the results are so worth the effort! We are by no means on easy street from here, but we are looking forward to further artist collaborations, seeing the fonts ‘in the wild’ and helping the foundry grow.  Please do let us know if you have any questions and be sure to sign-up for our launch, because the site, oh, the site!




Rare Bird Font Foundry Font Giveaway!

Rare BIrd Font Foundry Specimen I font

We are out of our minds excited to announce our very first font giveaway for our foundry!  The font is from the hand of the doyenne of Modern Calligraphy, the ever talented Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls. We worked so hard on Maybelle’s hand to make it read as ‘perfectly imperfect’ as her own hand. It was a sheer labor of love to watch this hand come into font fruition. This is going to be a great font for a wide variety of end applications because of its legibility and charm.  Please visit Maybelle’s Instagram to learn all the details.  Good luck!


Maybelle Instagram for details

Rare Bird Font Foundry Insta

Rare Bird Font Foundry

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