Winner Wonderland | Day 09 Hands-on Home

Michelle had a chance to see 'The Hands-on Home' book in the wild this weekend and her verdict?  She says that Sasquatch books brought it with the quality, cover is soooo nice. A while book I had a vintage book I loved similar to this, but it was old dog-eared and didn't cover such things as … [Read more...]

Winner Wonderland |Day 08 Roost Tribe One Year Membership

I was really, really hoping that Bonnie Christine would participate when we asked her, because I think she is so very awesome. If you are wanting to learn a new skill and be thoroughly inspired in the process than you'll LOVE Bonnie Christine's Roost Tribe. I seriously wish I knew Bonnie's secret to … [Read more...]

Winner Wonderland | Day 7 Sofia Kaman Arrow Ring

It’s lucky day # 7 of our Winner Wonderland, and WOW is it a good one! We are gleefully grinning from ear to ear, because one of you is going to win this stunning Sofia Kaman Arrow Ring in 14K yellow gold! “Diamond accents sparkle from the spear (0.02 ctw) and a hand carved twiggy texture graces … [Read more...]

Winner Wonderland | Day 06 Calligraphy fabric tea towel set

The minute I saw Lindsey Bee's new offering of her lovely screenprinted tea towels/fabric wrapping my fingers were flying across my Iphone to ask if she would be willing to participate in our Winner Wonderland, she kindly agreed! You know we are huge lettering fans here and Lindsay has been generous … [Read more...]

Winner Wonderland | Day 05 Belle Calligraphy Kit

Seriously, it's day 05 already?  I feel like I am living in hyper speed, I think that may happen as you get older, I could have used that when I sat in math class in middle school, but I's another giveaway day! Hooray!  Today we have Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls newest offering that she … [Read more...]