Airy black and white conversions



The year is quickly coming to an end but Michelle and I have still been working away on our projects, trying to wrap some up and get ourselves prepared for 2018. We have gotten so focused and good at planning that we have actually broken our year up into quarters. It feels so very legit like our little enterprise is becoming a much bigger one. It’s all very exciting. We had some major bumps in the road this past year, as all new businesses do but the way we navigated them was a lot more smoothly than we have in the past. Of course, our love for the visual has not waned and so it’s been a small thrill to put the finishing touches on a couple of our editing sets that we have been testing for the past year. A year seems like a long time, but we always want to make sure when we launch a project that we have put it through its paces. This light and ethereal black and white set got a lot of attention this week in our lab/studio, we are loving the end edits they are so calm + peaceful, perfect little break during this hectic time of year. We are hoping you love them too!  Our goal is to launch them first quarter of 2018 (see doesn’t that sound so very business like?) I am linking to some resources for  some photography books to start getting that beautiful ethereal base image and our fave digital camera for achieving those pastel tones of Fuji film in camera! We will do a little tutorial on how to achieve the look in camera so stay tuned…


Foto Rx

Be notified when our B+W editing sets launch!

Best digital camera to get those airy pastel tones

The Luminous Portrait

Fine Art Wedding

top photo by michelle p.

Gift Guide : Cute Camera Edition


cute camera gift guide via besottedblog i

Michelle suggested we dub this the photogenic camera gift guide, it didn’t quite have as good a ring as ‘cute camera’ (we love alliteration) but these are some pretty good looking cameras. I have been searching for a really light weight, powerful and budget friendly camera. I rented the Fuji Xt20 which I loved and hated to return, it is my top contender but it is little expensive for just a walk around camera. The jpegs straight out of camera could put us out of business they are that good. I fell down the rabbit hole when I was introduced the Fuji x100f, this has a fixed 35mm lens (meaning you can’t change it) but everyone who has one seems to rave about it and now it has me 21 kinds of intrigued. I am renting the Sony Alpha A6000 next. This has a great price point, it’s small and it’s fast, 11 frames per second! Our studio full frame Canon DSLR is only 4.3 frames per second, with a super fast child you need the ability to capture movement and quick! In my humble opinion everyone should own an instant camera, they are like magic and the Fuji Instax is by far the winner in the cute contest with its retro styling. It wouldn’t be a cute camera guide worth its salt if I didn’t include a Leica. This of course is the creme de la creme of cameras. The D-Lux is easier on the pocket then most Leica’s but gives you serious bragging rights, I’ll take 2 please! Lomography never disappoints with their quirky camera offerings, this white Sardinia looks like it came right out of a vintage Italian film. We hope you find one of these under your tree or in your lap if you forgo the tree bit. Enjoy!


01. Fuji Xt20

02. Fuji X100f

03. Sony A6000

04. Fuji Instax

05. Leica D-Lux

06. Lomography La Sardina