And the winner is…..

Winner of the grand giveaway via besotted blog

Hooray!  We have a winner of the Grand Giveaway! We choose all our winners via the Random Number Generator and Miss Susan H. (Fleurishing) is the winner! (please note the graphic corresponds to the winning answer).  Susan has one week from today to claim her prize so please, please, please email us! I am going to go out in an exasperated note here, if Susan doesn’t claim in one week, we will send the prizes back to the designer and we will officially stop doing Bestowals, because that would be just masochistic behavior to continue, dontcha think? This is our third attempt at getting winners for these gorgeous goods.  Thank you everyone that participated this round, we LOVED reading your answers, it is always great to get to know you a little better.

Who would I take on a road trip either living or dead and where would we go? Such a hard question! I’m thinking maybe Sir Paul McCartney, he’s my favorite Beatle and he once was quoted as saying every time he has something to say he turns it into a song, I think it would be fun to hear all the songs he would come up with. He probably has a million incredible stories to tell and I would welcome listening to them. Where would we go? Initially I thought I’d go to the Galapagos Islands, just because it’s on my bucket list but doesn’t sound fun with Sir Paul, who’s fair complexion would not lend itself to the equatorial sun, so I am thinking maybe a jaunt through the English or Irish countryside would need to suffice.

Thanks again and Congrats Susan!

Product Photography Mock-up Templates

besotted modern mock up templates

modern mock up templates besotted blog

We needed a graphic for our Photoshop for Lettering Artist class pronto, but we didn’t have the time (or energy) to create one the way we had envisioned, it would mean we’d have to clean up our studio desks (gasp) get the lights out, then there’s that little bit of shooting and then editing. Luckily, White Hart Designs had the perfect photo mock-up template for us and all we had to do was add our little graphic and call it a day! We are in love with all the new photo mock-up template choices that are currently available now, this wasn’t so even a few short months ago, it’s a game changer for many businesses!Read More

A book by its cover | book designer Hea Eun Grace Han

hea eun grace han | a book by its cover via besotted ii

We love, love, love books and of course design, the two together makes our hearts sing, you too?  We found this amazing designer and her portfolio and thought we would share! I have to say I think that book cover design is such an interesting niche, there really is so much riding on your getting it ‘just’ right. I love the vintage imagery paired with the starkly modern feel in Grace’s portfolio, it is a really lovely and unique contrast. I am one of those people that will read a book because of its cover and I have to say there are so many books from Grace’s collection that look like they need to be on my nightstand pronto.

Read More