A couple of weeks ago I showcased some of the new stationery stamp designs for Besotted Brand and held a very casual contest in which I randomly chose individuals to win. The purpose was so I could make the initial designs reality and see whether or not the design would translate to a stamp.  This here anchor stamp was plenty popular. I ended up choosing Amelia Plummer and set to work on getting her stamp created.  I chose to not notify any of the winners before hand, which may or may not be my smartest move to date.  I decided that it might be fun (and wildly surprising) to utilize the photographs + posts as the announcement. My thought was that the winner would hopefully check in and see their name in ‘lights’ and do that thing winners do where they fan themselves, start hyperventilating and repeating something along the lines of, ‘this can’t be real, is it real? Did I really win? I never win anything.’  I know it’s not exactly the same as being handed a huge Publisher Clearinghouse check for millions of dollars, but perhaps it will be a little thrill.  As those of you that participated know I had quite a few new designs to create so you will see new winners being announced If I am feeling especially motivated I may even add more announcements per day,; I am feeling a little crazy like that.  I am so happy with how this design came out, the text is legible, the anchor nice and crisp and the solid color part has the perfect amount of hand stamped charm. Congrats to Amelia!  If you wanted this stamp in a bad way and didn’t win, I am feeling super generous so please feel free to use the coupon code ANCHOR at check-out and get your own custom anchor stamp for half off, (this week only)!


  1. When I won the calligraphy stamp from you, I found out by seeing a picture of the stamp with the words Naomi is a Winner inscribed across it, on my blog reading list. Now that was something! I love the surprise idea, it’s the best way to find out you won, I think:)

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