Petaluma, CA.  I am sighing as I write the words out, it was so magnificent that I find it hard to articulate. Words like charming, quaint and bucolic come to mind, but if you keep driving you might meet the ocean and call it majestic, beautiful or better yet God’s Country.  I wanted to find a realtor stat and not even venture North to Portland.  The California Coast had me at sheep, worn barns and ocean. Did I mention the ocean? I read that Petaluma has more antique dealers per capita than anywhere else in the United States (maybe the world?), it really did not disappoint, for what I read finally was truth. Darn internet with it’s falsities, raising hopes and smashing them equally as fast. Petaluma, well, Petaluma was just as expected, maybe even better, is that possible? I actually don’t know if I could live there, firstly it’s a little expensive for our meager budget (California real estate wise) and even though it boasts both a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, it is a bit rural. I have after all watched quite a few horror flicks in my time and now fully regret it. I totally encourage anyone to visit, if you love nature and the idea of a treasure hunt you will be in heaven in Petaluma. I know I was.

4 thoughts on “PETALUMA, CA

  1. Petaluma is my hometown. I haven’t lived there in nearly six years, but still consider it home. As a photographer, I was never without inspiration. As a Petaluman, thank you for the beautiful words!

  2. Rosemarie, lucky, lucky you! I can imagine there never being lack of a photo-op, even the tiny Main Street which I neglected to mention had some of the most beautiful antique architecture that would rival the most metropolitan city!

  3. This makes me miss you. It was the loveliest thing spending time with you while you were here. If Oregon doesn’t work out… Petaluma welcomes you back with open arms (me too!)

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