This is Bella my naughty Frenchie, this is her staring at me. She did this for about, oh, 12 hours straight. She sat at my feet almost the entire road trip, rested her chin on my legs and stared. If she wasn’t so cute it would be a little weird, okay, it was a little weird. She’s a little weird. I am back, with many a story to tell and photographs to be shared. I can’t wait to blab your eyeballs off, but for now I must get to work. I have a pile of custom orders that arrived at the studio this a.m. (exactly as planned, sheesh that never happens) and I am excited to get to packing and shipping them to their new homes. I didn’t abandon my editing project, I worked on it every day, my internet was just so slow when we were away that if I tried to upload I am sure they would have finally been uploaded when we arrived back in the City of Angels four days later. Seriously, it was my only gripe to be had, that and my husband not allowing me to drive, but more about that later.  Have a happy Monday!

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