Monday so soon? I suppose so. San Francisco was fun, it is always such a luxury to travel the only problem I am having now is trying to get used to our bed at home.  The hotel we stayed at had some sort of huge magic bed, like they harnessed clouds and set them up in the suite. It was so fluffy and light. I almost wish I had never experienced something so comfortable as now my bed feels like it is made of cement blocks. I want a cloud bed darn it! I know I shouldn’t complain, there are many people out there that have never had the pleasure of sleeping on the equivalent of floating air so my making a fuss of not having the same accommodations at my ready must seem awful bratty but if kicking my legs and pounding my fists on the floor in full blown tantrum made a magic bed be mine, I would kick away. The Fancy thinks the size of the bed was the key to the comfort–perhaps.  The bed was the size of a small city and since we sleep on something a little larger than a twin I can see where a small city size bed would be desirable. I think it was a combination of factors–the size, the buttery feather pillow-top mattress, the extra cool and soft, bright white sheets, the variety of pillows in different sizes and firmness levels.  I loved that they had both firm pillows and pillows that your head sunk so deep into you could suffocate yourself in bliss. When I came home I did make a stop at the linen store to buy the most comfortable pillows I could reasonably afford. I even tested mattresses but alas cloud like beds come with the same price tag as a nice used car and that is a little rich for my current budget. I will always have my my memories and if I ever win the lottery (even though I don’t play), one of my very first purchases will be a bed that makes me want to give ol’ Rip Van Winkle a run for his money. You may wonder what a pig in a party hat has anything to do with a bed that is as soft as a pile of cashmere blankets?  Nothing, but it is Monday and it’s cute.


  1. Oh, that sounds fabulous … a party for your dreams. In which case, Miss Cuteness totally goes … as she is, most definitely, a party pig!

  2. I once tried, unsuccessfully and at great expense, to recreate the comfort of a magical cloud bed I slept on in Mendocino. It’s a vacation mystery, the cloud bed! That, or the best kept secret in hotel management.

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