Jill Lauck Curator Besotted BlogI am delighted to have Jill Lauck as my Pinterest Curator today. Jill’s style is feminine, festive, classic and utterly sophisticated.  You will never find any garish colors, fading fads or aesthetic mis-steps–just great taste.  I am not exactly sure what Pinterest protocol is but I am pretty sure it’s not following behind your fave Pinner and re-pinning everything they just did, but it’s hard to resist when you visit Jill’s boards.  Jill is dangerously close to 7,000 followers and I am hoping with your help we can take her over the edge, you won’t be sorry.  This blushy pink is just one side of this curator, like me she veers to the neutrals + classics and has a penchant for stars, the celestial kind of course.  I do hope you pay her a visit!

In other news, I have received a slew of emails as of late asking me how to go about becoming more popular on Pinterest.  I am not sure that I am the best person to ask as I don’t feel very popular, but I am flattered that others think I am (I think all closet nerds must feel this way). If the question is about having more people follow you I suggest you start pinning!  Find great pins out in the wild yonder and not just re-pin the same great thing from other boards (although there is nothing wrong with that), but if your goal is to get more people interested in you–be original.  Specialize.  Find one subject/board that you are really, really enthusiastic about and start pinning!  My most popular board is my hand-lettering board, I add to it almost everyday. It is not a chore, but a complete pleasure to uncover new specimens and introduce them to a broader audience. So instead of going nuts with multiple boards find one that makes your heart sing.  This bit of advice is for people that gravitate to Pinterest and want it to be their social networking medium. Don’t pin if you think it’s a bore, nor tweet or what have you, find something that you enjoy and it will come easily to you.  For the life of me I can not get into Facebook, thus I am never there. I have tried, but I am resigned to knowing that it’s just not my thing. So for those of you that want to build your Pinterest following what board do you think you will create that will be your ‘specialty’? Add a link to it in the comments and maybe we can all try to visit!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups.


    1. Denise + Moose, I know it’s hard to add another social media outlet to the arsenal BUT leaving comments on blogs is actually great marketing when you are adding to the conversation (it’s always about being authentic). It’s about finding what works for you or even not for business but for pleasure what makes YOU happy;) I for one love the idea of a Letterpress printer doing a board, you should add photos of your very pretty cabin! Did you know you can upload your own photos + inspiration?

  1. Wow – Jill`s boards are amazing! I`m not on pinterest yet. I already seem to somehow spend far too much time on Twitter, looking at links to blogs and such. I just know that pinterest will suck me in and well, I`m not ready for another social media platform that I know I will spend far too much time on. :P For now, I will just continue to lurk on pinterest occasionally, but one day hope to take the plunge and start pinning. :)

    1. Oh Sara, don’t do it, it will take over your life, lol! I had stayed away for a very long time and then I went to spend a few minutes to see what the fuss was about and ended up spending a day there!

  2. loving Jill’s collections! I am naturally drawn to a more moody scene but I love a pop of pink, gold and cream to add to my palette. Thank you sharing her with us!

    1. Caitlin! I love a moody scene as well ESPECIALLY when it comes to your beautiful photographs, the orange breakfast cakes? My favorite shoot you have ever done, the texture was sublime! I like Jill’s take on Pink/Blush, it’s lady like without being saccharine, she has such great taste!

    1. Let it go Chelsea, it shouldn’t be a dread. Signing in to FB gives me anxiety, so lame, why push myself to do something that I despise?

  3. Eeeeeeeee! To say I am touched and grateful is an enormous understatement – thank you *so* much for your feature and kind words, Tristan – I love you back! Here’s to many more pins to come – thank you!!!!

    1. Jill I hope you are not disappointed! I know this is just one small portion of your great style, but after the deathly flu I wanted to bring in bright happy + glowy for this first Wednesday back! If you pin I will be right behind you trying to control myself not to re-pin everything.

    2. Oh my gosh, I am honored – truly! I wrote a little bit about it on my blog today, but I am so deeply touched that you like what I like. You have done an amazing job, I just feel so lucky to have found a creative voice and others who share it (or a version of it). :) Your work inspires me, friend – we need a creative get together soon!

  4. I always enjoy your Pinterest Curator posts. I’ve joined Pinterest almost at the very beginning and been pinning almost everyday since then. Still while reading your Pinterest Curator posts I’ve discovered some really great people with very delicate sense on style. Thanks for that!


  5. Totally hooked on her “I’m kind of a packaging freak” board and now following it.
    Pinterest I love, Tumblr I love….Facebook not so much.
    Adding to both of these makes me happy and it’s such a visual boost for me….especially when I’m feeling a lack of creative spark.
    Thanks for the great new addition to my addiction.

  6. Oh, I love this! Jill’s boards are beautiful. The boards that appeal to me most are those that I can immediately identify as such and such. Does that make sense? If I can’t understand the aesthetic right away, I’m less inclined to follow. I was inspired to start a couple more boards of my own—one for miniatures and one more inanimate objects with faces Both things that I love so much.

    Thanks for sharing everybody!

    1. I just assumed you both already were friends, because I thought you had similar tastes, that’s funny, I had no idea that you didn’t know each other!

  7. hello… discovered you today via Design Mom and am so happy I clicked over. One of my goals this year is to teach myself calligraphy. I have an aunt and uncle who practice it beautifully. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and visiting your shoppe. I’m an avid “pinner” and your post inspired me to create a board of my latest obsession… scandinavian style, thank you…

    1. K, thank you for the visit! I am going to go visit your new board I am a bit of a Scandinavian-Phile as well. My Godparents went to Sweden when I was a kid and it’s funny how their home (they are in their 80’s) would be a hipster’s dream home. The look is timeless! Oh, you should learn calligraphy, ask your aunt and uncle to teach you, it’s such a nice way to relax and there is such a sense of accomplishment!

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