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I don’t usually share the fonts I use in my shop, now that would be silly of me don’t you think? But this one font (the one shown on the stamp) I get so many emails about that it would make a whirling dervishes head spin. So in a moment of extreme generosity and to selfishly keep my inbox from bursting I am going to spill the beans, but first let me tell you why I like it–indulge me.

I initially had this font in my original logo tries for Besotted Brand, a testament to how much I like it. I love that it’s feminine but not too girly (too girly never works for me). It has nice swashes and alternates to really make this font your own, so basically you can dress it up or down as much as you like. Options, I like options! It feels simple and handwritten, not too much flash but enough to get your attention. It had its hey day when it first launched, but it seems to have died down quickly, which in my opinion is great since you won’t see it everywhere.  I think this would be a perfect font to use for holiday, heck make your own own custom stamps (I happen to know a wonderful stamp maker). Okay, I won’t hold out any longer, feel free to go and add it to your collection here.

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