Preview all your installed fonts at once!

preview all your fonts at once i via besotted blog


I am sure there’s a zillion ways to preview all your fonts at once but I honestly don’t know how to do them. I use my Font Book that came with my Mac, but I have never figured out how to print out my fonts (and I do have so many to choose from!)  So I found a couple of resources for browser based font previewers to try if you were in the same conundrum as myself! was simple enough, I just went to their site, typed in a word where indicated and poof, y entire font library appeared on screen!

Flipping Typical– This doesn’t use flash so you should be able to view on your phone. Downside it doesn’t show all your fonts.

Font Picker-This took a little while to load, but it has good reviews!

If you have the urge to add more fonts so you can preview them of course I did find these this morning that looked pretty swell:

Nice brush lettering font

Casual, boho script

Retro vibe script

P.S. I am doing a series of Dark & Dramatic magnolia’s on Instagram today and mentioned Michelle’s awesome tutorial, for those that want to give it a try you can find it here!

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4 thoughts on “Preview all your installed fonts at once!

  1. Um, I may have giggled to myself when I typed a word into and saw my fonts load. Thanks for this great resources!

  2. Terri it’s fun isn’t it? I only wish I could find a way to sort by type-serif, sans serif, script, etc.

  3. this is an AMAZING resource! I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Thank you blog-world and Besotted blog for your wealth of knowledge. Also, been following your work for years and I loved your branding then and still love it now with how you’ve evolved. Your taste is impeccable!

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