Have you been just as obsessed as myself and countless others trying to find the perfect vintage arrows to add to your abode’s decor?  Well the designer behind the aptly named Quivver, had that same problem as you may be having in your fruitless searches, she decided to take matters in her own hands (literally) and crafted some fine arrows for your taking.  Quivver is currently on vacation, but that shouldn’t stop you from a little window shopping now should it?
I am off to NYC today and hoping to regale you with tales of the sweltering city.  It’s not my favorite to run around New York City in the middle of July in business attire and impractical shoes but duty calls and I shall put on a brave face and not complain (too much) when my pencil skirt melts to my body and my feet swell to three times their normal size. I am planning to have some adventures here and there (wearing much more casual clothing choices).  I am meeting a new cyber friend Kari for Sno Cones from New Orleans, she promises she’s not an ax murderess, if you aren’t either, perhaps you might care to join us? I am still looking for some shutterbugs to join me in the park, so send me an email, don’t worry I will be so lethargic that there will be no need for conversation in case you were warned not to talk to strangers.

4 thoughts on “QUIVVER

  1. Have a fabulous trip (business attire and all)!

    PS-I would love to meet up with you; alas, too far away. Perhaps the next time you’re in Boise? :)

  2. I watch way too much Mad Men so I’m convinced NYC is full of people in awesome 60s fashion. It’s my #1 US City to visit, jealous!! Have an awesome trip, can’t wait to see your pics x

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