I love books, L-O-V-E want to marry them.  I love them so much, you?  I think decorating with books makes a house a wee bit cozier and the owners a tad more interesting. When I worked in interior design it was a common practice amongst designers to buy collections of vintage & antique books for clients. I have witnessed whole libraries procured for clients shelves.  I have so many books that I doubt I would need a service like that, but I love that Jaysworld has created an affordable and wonderfully presented color palette of vintage books for those folks that just want to add a pop of color with a dash of charm to their interiors. Enjoy the resource!


  1. I love books too. When I visit a home and there are no books it creeps me out. Do they watch tv all day? Probably they have ebooks but I could never give up my books. It would be like giving up friends. I’ve posted about decorating with books several times but Jaysworld sounds like a great resource.

  2. ah yes, i am a book lover as well! i love reading them, buying them, and the smell of them {yes, the smell, old and new alike}!

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