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We are such fans of surface pattern designer and Adobe Illustrator expert Bonnie Christine, everything she puts out works so flawlessly with the brand she has built (an excellent example of cohesive branding). If you are a creative, doing illustration, lettering etc. and are wondering what outlets there may be to build your work into something more Bonnie is a great starting point!  Bonnie has a monthly membership based site called The Roost Tribe, it is a community of creatives but even better it is an immensely jam packed resource.  Bonnie is truly a resource powerhouse, her classes on Skillshare are among the most popular on their site (from experience this is an incredibly difficult task to accomplish), she has years now of experience creating successful textile collections and she is happy to share her  endless knowledge.  We thought we would share some of the monthly topics she tackles in her Roost Tribe (link below for detailed next 6 months)–

May– Getting started with an industry (fabric, wallpaper,stationery).  Video tutorial on creating mock-ups.

June-Marketing 10. Bonnie shares the marketing strategies she uses (she’s everywhere so I think she’s figured this topic out),

July-Leverage your handwriting (I think a lot of you could get behind this!)

August-Getting noticed and charging for your work

We have teamed up with Bonnie to giveaway one full year of a Roost Tribe membership! A $149 USD value, we are positive that if you participate in the tribe you should walk away with a ton more knowledge and inspiration and we hope a new flourishing career! So if you are ready to change your life and take your illustrations or lettering to another level then enter to win by:

-Leave a comment below

-Follow Bonnie Christine on Instagram

Winner will be chosen randomly and announced Tuesday May 16, 2017.  Good luck!


Bonnie Christine Instagram

Learn about The Tribe

Roost Tribe Yearly Plan of Attack

Bonnie Christine courses

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18 thoughts on “Roost Tribe Membership

  1. Bonnie’s work is just beautiful, have followed her on Instagram and it would be amazing to be part of the Roost Tribe. Thanks for sharing Tristan.

  2. As a lettering artist that makes mostly wedding signage it also fills up most of my free time after my full-time marketing job. , I have been lately wanting to dig more into illustration and pattern development, and this would be an amazing treat! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I’ve always dreamed of seeing a pattern I’ve designed as endpapers for a book, or printed on textiles but it seems overwhelming. Is my repeat going to work? How do I create something intricate and interesting? I’d love a chance to dig through the Roost Tribe resources.

  4. I love Bonnie’s skillshare classes – I’ve watched them all at least 3 times! Would love to win membership to The Roost Tribe – Bonnie is such a fantastic resource for those looking to become a SPD – thanks for the fantastic opportunity!

  5. This is fantastic, thank you! I love Bonnie’s work and her Skillshare classes, I’d love to be a part of the tribe!

  6. I’m a super fan of Bonnie. I bought her class on Creative Live, and she inspired me to start doing patterns. After a little practice I followed her classes on Skillshare. I would like to be part of the Roost Tribe, so what a great opportunity. Thank you!!!

  7. I’ve taken most of Bonnie’s Skillshare classes as well as her Creative Live courses and she always goes above and beyond in helpful content!

  8. I have learned so much ftom her skillshare classes she is such a lovely lady with a beautiful heart. I would like to learn more from her about pattern design.

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