This is all I have of the vast expanse of land called the Redwood Forest.  I think this river may be called the Smith River, but to be honest by the time we got to this point in our adventure I was seriously queasy from all the curvy roads. I am not the most ideal person to road trip with. I have been getting many emails about how I am getting the images so crisp.  A lot of it has to do with my lighting conditions.  In Portland the city has a beautiful diffused light almost all the time because of the clouds which makes it pretty easy to take a good shot. In my last Foto class so many people rued the gray days but I say hooray!  That’s some of the best light you can get, no harsh shadows, great detail and there’s a lot more light than you think.  The Redwood Forest has pockets of open shade where you can get beautiful light, granted there were also a lot of areas that made the daytime feel like evening, just masses amounts of tress everywhere.  I tried to get some shots of the trees, but again my lens choice was not conducive to landscape photography.  I couldn’t get more than 3 trees in the frame, let alone convey the enormity of them. We’re leaving for North Carolina next week and I don’t know what I will see there so I don’t know what type of lens to rent. Any suggestions?  I am super excited about stopping in Savannah, Georgia, I am sure there will be tons of great photo-ops there. To be continued…


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