Water as a muse…

PDX-moody-water-diptychOur photo prompt this week for our Foto Rx 52 is water. We want to make these prompts as accessible to everyone as possible, if there’s not a beautiful body of water near you, think outside the box–raindrops, bathwater even the stillness of a glass of water could be beautiful. We edited these images with our Portland Modern + Moody set, it instantly imparts a more moody vibe to your shot with the subdued tones, deep shadows and milky grays.  It’s not too late to start your Foto Rx 52 (so you’ll make it a 48 or 35 no biggie!), shooting consistently will be the fastest way to becoming a better photographer. Follow us on Instagram for more inspo and edit examples. Shoot this week’s prompt and use #fotorx52 so we can find you and cheer you on.

We have included some resources that include photographers that have water as a muse. We are hoping that these resources inspire you even if you aren’t a photographer, you could follow along and use the same prompts for illustration and even writing, get creative it’s the fastest way out of a rut (not just a creative one).


Photo shot with Fuji Xt10

Image edited with Portland Modern + Moody

Edited in Photoshop CC

Some photographers we admire with water as a muse:

His horizon’s feel like modern abstract art, most utilize long exposure

A wedding photographer turning her refined eye to the sea

These swimming pool shots are aces

Speaking of pools these are not to be missed…

dyptich by michelle p.

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