If you haven’t gathered I have been a tiny bit busy.  I am so busy thanks to all of you, I can barely think let alone come in here and pull together a dazzling post, so forgive me for not having some of your favorite features up, but I will get back to ‘normal’ soon (maybe even better than normal).  I am in the middle of the re-design of this here blog and we are on tweaking detail. I am unfortunately a little picky so I am sure I am driving my coder + friend Lindsay completely over the edge.  Lindsay is a very kind and patient individual, I think any other person would have dumped me already.  I can’t wait until we can launch it!  In all this busyness which is my current life I have been blowing through podcasts.  I have no more This American Life, RadioLab, The Moth, The Dinner Party, etc. to listen to.  I was on a mad hunt for an aural fix and saw ‘The Truth’ advertised but wasn’t sure if it was for me, it was fiction and I prefer to stay in reality, it’s always so much more interesting, no?  I did think their tagline was cheeky–‘the truth is fiction’ and liked the description which included this-‘we make short films without pictures’.  Again, I blew right through every episode in a few hours of hard labor (I am currently my own shipping department, social media expert, brander, accountant, designer, CEO and receptionist).  I liked some more than others, one of my favorites was the oddly sweet ‘Eat Cake’; I thought it was charming in a very Rom Con way.  I also liked ‘Human Intelligence’, which again I found sweet + charming.  I liked that it felt a bit nostalgic, although I am not sure you can be nostalgic about an era you weren’t privy to, but I like to think that this was the way past generations were entertained by stories told over the air waves.  It was fun while it lasted and if you are working from home or your cubicle and can’t find anything to listen to then might I suggest The Truth?

P.S. Gosh, I totally forgot to announce a winner for the Striped Bow stamp, I chose 3 this time because I can never make up my mind. So here we go–Jill Lauck, Anya Adores and Leslie Vidal. Thank you all for playing!

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